Olota Stool: A Time Out with Prince Barr.Oloruntoyin Adewale Adeyanju-Obalanlege, A Candidate for The Stool of Olota Of Ota

Olota Stool: A Time Out with Prince Barr.Oloruntoyin Adewale Adeyanju-Obalanlege, A Candidate for The Stool of Olota Of Ota

Our guest today is Prince Barr. Oloruntoyin Adewale Adeyanju-Obalanlege, A France  based  Ota indigene from the Ijemo-Isoloshi ruling house. He is the fifth son of late Chief Idowu Adeyanju, he is a Lawyer and a  Cultural Ambassador, also a visiting Lecturer. Please take a sip, relax while  VOA to take you through his lifestyle and his plans for the people of Ota and Awori land upon his ascension to the throne of his fore-fathers.

Can we meet you?

My name is Prince Barr. Oloruntoyin Adewale Adeyanju from Obalanlege compound. I am aged 40years. I was born in to Ijemo-Ruling house in Ota, Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government, Ogun State Nigeria. My father was Chief Idowu Adeyanju (deceased and buried in Zion Methodist Church, Ota) and my mother: Madam Iyabode Adeyanju (alive and living in Lagos). I am the fifth child of the family of six siblings. I am married to Omowunmi Adeyanju(Mrs) and blessed with three children living in the city of Beavuais, Paris-France.
Educational Background
I attended Yewa Primary School and State High School Oyewole, both in Agege, Lagos State. I proceeded to Olabisi Onabanjo University and Lagos State University for my LLB Degree in Law and currently Maters in Human Resources Management respectively. I attended Nigerian Law School,Lagos campus where i successfully completed the requirement for council for legal education with BL certification and was enrolled to the bar as a Barrister and Solicitor of Supreme Court of Nigeria. I acquired a graduate Diploma certificate in Personnel Management of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (GCIPM). I am a holder of graduate certificate in corporate management of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM). I am a professional and practitioner of Human Resources Management with a certification as the associate member of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (ACIPM). I hold a certificate in Social Research Development of the Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria.
Vocational Training
I acquired a certificate of training on Cultural Diplomacy of the International Student Festival in Trodheim, Norway. I acquired a certificate in Freedom of Press and Rule of Law workshop in Oslo, Norway. I hold a certificate of participation of the world biggest fair for Used Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany. I am the lead consultant of Nigerian Business Delegation to the world’s largest Agricultural fair(AGRITECNICA)
Hannover, Germany. I offered periodic lectures at Recore Training for Strategic Business Management and Business Law of Institute of Commercial Management, UK. I am a functional and active member of the following organization and professional associations: Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Civil Liberty Organization (CLO), and Committee For Defense Of Human Rights (CDHR), a Director of Actions and Mobilization of Social Democratic Movement(Chief Gani Fawehinmi Human Rights Organization). I am the Tour and Chief Organizer of Ooni of Ife: His Imperial Majesty; Kabiyesi Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi (Ojaja II) Central Europe Tour.
What do you do at your leisure?
I mingle with friends. I am an extreme extrovert because of my high level of interpersonal skills hence I create time to see friends who I haven’t seen for ages. I love sports and as a matter of fact I still play football. I also love traveling.
Oba Moshood Alani Oyede of blessed memory left a wide vacuum which can only be filled by another big fish in our community, now that you have put yourself forward as a candidate for the vacant stool, what do we expect from you?
It is a general notion that people talk about the great role that our past King played as a leader and a traditional ruler. This is an indelible mark that anyone who wants to take such mantle of leadership must be ready to confront that same task. If I become the next Olota, all I need to do is to first study his blue prints to know all the struggles he embarked on, the tactics he employed that made him to become an icon, review and restructure some that may not fit in to present situations and consolidate on it. As we know change is constant thing in life and we must adapt with d trend. Primarily, my exposure, dexterity and leadership trait, I have programs that can add value to his efforts and further bring excellence out in us the Awori people at large because the throne of Olota of Ota span beyond Ota to Lagos. Evidentially, 17 out of 20 Local Government in Lagos are of Awori extraction hence it is an enormous task for anyone who wants to take the mantle.
God’s willing, you become the next Olota of Ota, and how do you intend to reconcile culture, tradition, religion and politics so that they all go unperturbed?
All of them have distinct principles and also interwoven. An average politician, when he talks you know that he is a politician. As a king, one of the attributes is to be an all round person so that one can integrate all the diverse interest like having a good knowledge of political affairs but he should not be active participant, so that you will not be seen as sectional leader. A king is for all. Aside from being a Lawyer, I am also a student of political science as such I know what it takes to govern. As a cultural ambassador, I have an overwhelming strategies of how to promote culture within and outside the country. I know what it takes to hold on tenaciously to your culture because it is the mark of identity in every society. Affirmatively, a leader must be able to reform, redefine, promote the norm and beliefs of his society. As a good leader, there is need to know how t merge your cultural interest when relating with another culture so as to avoid conflict of interest.
What can you do to address the issue of unemployment among our teaming youths upon your installation as the next Olota of Ota?
According to Late Chief Awolowo, quote- “your right is your inalienable asset that can not be separated from you.” He proclaimed that after your name.. D next thing you should know is your right. But when ignorance, betrayal and insensitivity become order of the day, people who are not supposed to take your rights away from you will take it, this is what we are used to in our country and that is why you see people begging leaders for what they are entitled to naturally. In an ideal society, where there are localization of industries, the indigenes should be beneficiaries of that. It is their soil and it is because it is profitable that you are also flourishing. Notwithstanding, merit will not be jeopardised. Regardless of this fact, it becomes difficult when there are no avenue for people to request for this, they tend to sleep over it and it is their basic rights. According to the stipulations of environmental law, indigenes are expected to enjoy from corporate social responsibility. where it exists certain quota of employment should be given to the people of such community as landlords. Ota has the third largest concentration of industries, hence federal character should reflect. A traditional leader should be vast exposed, we have numbers of industries in Ota, hence we need to take full advantage of it and let our people benefit from it massively.
Do you think Ita-Oba day should be scrapped or repackaged?
Culture as we know is the mark of identity of any society, I have been to festivals across the world; in North America, Europe and largely Africa continents where people display their cultural heritage. Iganmode day is our identity, so instead of cancellation, we will revisit the planning, the management, repackage and re-modify it to give it more international standards. Iganmode day celebration will be celebrated like they celebrate Carnivals in other continents. In fact, we will revive more Carnival which are the wishes and aspiration of our people. In the midst of enormous benefits of such.
Is there anything aside from prayer you are doing to help you mount the stool of your fore-fathers?
I don’t think anyone will tell you that they have gone extra mile but I will not do anything that is derogatory to my fellow contenders. I know convincingly that royalty should not be a battle if negative motive is not induced. So, which ever means anyone explores. All is a subject of God’s divine arrangement. If God says I will be the next Olota of Ota, so be it.
Aishat Yusuf

Aishat Yusuf

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