A Compendium of Greatness; Awori Community Extols High Chief Olanrewaju Bashorun, Seriki of Ota-Awori Kingdom

A Compendium of Greatness; Awori Community Extols High Chief Olanrewaju Bashorun, Seriki of Ota-Awori Kingdom

By: Azeem Oladimeji Salako.
21st January 2021.

God has created man unequally – in size, sex, space and face. While some men espoused and gravitate this class relations. The good conscience (minutest) few have chosen not to sleep on this natural privilege. To them, life must be about good life, and life is not good when it treats others bad. Thence, they wanted an egalitarian society; a community where everyone gets according to his need and notwithstanding his yield. This illustration aptly describe a highly revered man in person of High Chief Olanrewaju Bashorun, the Seriki of Ota – Awori Kingdom.

Just like many others (particularly my contemporaries), I have stayed actively and longer in this town – Ota. Thus; reflecting from the past into the present. It is not out of place, to submit that, Ota- Awori Kingdom has established for themselves a voice that represents their situation, semblance, concern, and future.

Although H. Chief Olanrewaju Bashorun is not so an active politician. Nonetheless, he is now been subtly endeared as the voice with such responsibility that coordinate and aggregate genuine consciousness which I presuppose should necessarily provide direction, compass and ultimately ‘leadership recruitment’ in the Awori community.

High Chief Seriki Bashorun as you shall later see, is a man of quintessence caliber. His humility, generosity and benefaction are unrivalled. He is intellectually sagacious, highly cerebral and critically upright and tolerating. But there are always (not two) many sides to a coin. Thenceforth, an objective perception of who he is was sought for in just few hours to this publication. However, they were reproduced unadulterated;

“He is very reliable and dependable. Seriki is my ROCK” – Olota of Ota, HRM Oba (Prof.) AbdulKabir Adeyemi Obalanlege.

“My brother High Chief Seriki of Ota Awori kingdom fondly called LARRYBASH by friends & associates. He was before his ascendancy to the stool of his forefathers to me a very savvy, urbane, humble and intelligent brother. Full of kindness & compassion. His disposition to issues is always with tact & intellect. On his installation as High Chief Seriki of Ota, he added to all these great attributes, a hundred and ten percent loyalty to his principal HRM the Olota of Ota. His creed and religion intact. May Allah continue to preserve him for the benefit of his family, friends, Ota Awori kingdom & humanity in general. Hbd my brother!” – Barr Shiekh Alli Olasunkanmi Daodu.

“Seriki is a very good brother to me and a dependable assistant to the Olota. I find him to be very honest and very generous to a fault. I have been fortunate to know him and I believe God directed Olota to make him a Chief in Otta to add value to Olota and the town. He is a complete gentleman who is very humble and dedicated to Otta” – High Chief Dada (Oluwo Itoki Ota Awori Land)

“He is a philanthropist to the core who is ready to assist his brethren even at the expense of himself. A family man, and best friend of his children… The brain behind the many successes of the Olota in council. Anybody from Otta or Awori or anything concerning Otta or Awori is always given priority” – Alhaja Abimbola Dada – Abina (Iya Alaje of Ota Awori Kingdom)

“High Chief Lanre Bashorun I know, He is a gentleman of few words, but packed with ideas of tradition and culture of Awori. I am delighted to call him brother and proud to share this generation with you and I pray as he claimed another milestone, Mercy shall go ahead and Grace shall stand behind. Happy Birthday Seriki – Prince Adefemi Fadina (Chairman, Awori Tourism).

“I don’t really know him and I have not had opportunity to get close to him. It is only his writing on our WhatsApp (Ota Update) platform which I see as refined and intelligent… I think he is a committed Awori vanguard (well he has no choice)” – Mr. Akin Eleku.

“Hunmmm, we call him Fiko as in Taofeek. He has been a very bold and steadfast personality. He’s and erudite Islamic Scholar but you’ll never know until you find yourself in trouble when you engage him. He is a fighter and we’re blessed in Ota-Awori land to have him as one of us. Happy birthday Fiko! – Hon. Segun Ojuko – Ojolowo (SSA, Ogun state Governor).

High Chief Taofeeq Olanrewaju Bashorun, as alluded to by some of his kinsmen, is a ‘dependable altruist’, an ‘unrelenting philanthropist’ and a ‘silent care giver’ who has won the heart of many youths. Since his making as the Seriki of Ota, he has quietly touched the lives of many youths, widows and aged within a very short time. Not more than three years of his emergence as the Seriki, he has won the heart of almost everyone, both young and old, not excluding his critics prior to his emergence as one of the kingmakers in Ota – Com. Prince Oluwaseyi Oyetoro (Editor-in-Chief, Voice of Awori)

“High Chief Seriki is a Philanthropist, A Cerebral personage in the comity of knowledge, in one word he is a DOYEN of Intellectuals” – Dahood Dumininu Ojugbele (Youth leader)

“I know how challenging it is just to become a leader in a community like ours. I appreciate the enormous effort put in by many of our traditional Chief especially High chief Seriki. I watched and studied him carefully and found him a role model to the coming generations. It takes a huge effort to be at the frontline of agitating Awori’s right. High Chief Seriki has shown exemplary leadership through his words of encouragement, empowerment and sincerity of purpose. I look forward to seeing the good things that comes of him in the future. Congratulations Seriki.” – Sunday Ogunsina. (Youth leader)

“Aside the fact that he is a philanthropist who has the love of his town and people at heart. He has worked diligently for the social emancipation and economic wellbeing of his people. He is a young and upright High chief. His sacrifice towards the development of the town cannot be overemphasized as both the nooks and crannies of OTA have felt his benevolence and relentless efforts towards the development of the town.” – Banji Ajibose (communicator)

“I feel so lucky that I have known you. Within a short while, you have already made some positive impact in my life. Within this short period, I am convinced of your humility, and care. I pray God grant you your heart desires. Amen. – Blessing

“Since 2015. Oga has been excellent to me. He is not a boss to any of his workers but a friend, brother and benefactor. Despite being his driver, he never complained or reacted badly that people fondly call me “Baba Seriki”. Rather, he treats me in that manner. May he live longer” Saka Ayinla.

“Seriki’s generosity is well known to the deaf and visible to the blind throughout Aworiland, he is our father figure and we are happy to be associated with our Golden son of Ota-Awori Kingdom in person of High Chief Olanrewaju Bashorun, the Seriki of Ota (Seriki of Ota, bi Oba ibomi ni). Happy birthday to you Sir, may Almighty Allah grant you more years in good health and wealth” – Onidi Olasunkanmi Ganiu.

“An objective perception of my dad: – The first thing that came to my mind is his diplomacy; he is a people’s person. Not a people pleaser but a people’s person. He knows how to give the correct dosage of yes and no and at what time it is most effective. In his most natural state, as a father and family member, he is the funniest and most supportive person to be around. Almost everything is possible in his mind, just go to him with your idea and thoughts; he will most definitely find the missing link to bring your idea alive. He has always been a leader; be it behind closed doors by making the important decisions for many title carrying leaders or by being at the forefront of efforts to better the lives of many by being of service to them. For me; he is my mentor. I look to every aspect of his life to draw inspiration from. His many struggles and his many successes. None comes close to him. The coolest dad around. Happy birthday daddy” – Imann Jadesola Bashorun (Seriki’s daughter, Oxford University, London)

High Chief Olarenwaju Taofeeq Bashorun is an uncommon figure in the entire Awori Kingdom, he represents everything that defines impacts, a philanthropist, a socialite of repute and a man of the people with much interest in the lower class of the society. He has equally touched so many lives through his educational intervention project “Stay in School”, a lover/promoter of peace – Prince Sulaiman Olusesi (Personal Assistant, Olota of Ota)

Conclusively, Larry Bash as fondly called in the parlance of the socialite, is an accomplished man but who had resorted into using his hard-earned accomplishments to serve the people without any form of expectation. He is to some a father, to others a benefactor, to some a charismatic leader and to another a mentor. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, he is to ME everything I have remembered to mention herein. Happy birthday to the Awori FIGURE.

Igba Odun! Odun Kan ni!
Owo Oko Abolanle!
Omo Baba Okede! Adoba Madade!
Idameji Otta tan pe leni kan!
Ijeni agbe! Omo agbe gba losun!
Omo olugbon asaskin!
Omo Olota Odo!
Iganmode Omo Afeleja!
Omo Afikoti yoju Egba!
Afi ponpondo yoju Ketu!
Omo Afi ganmuganmu yoju idahomi!
Aro ooooooo!



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