Academic Jaunt: Pampers Private Schools Takes Students On A Visit To Mr. Fish Aquarium And Ponds

As part of continuous learning exercise, excursions are necessary to cushion the effect of theoretical education which students are subjected to throughout the whole academic term or session.

It is important to take students on field experience in order for them to compare and further furnish whatever knowledge which they have gotten in their various classes.

Students of Pampers Private Schools, Ota on Thursday visited Mr. Fish Aquarium and ponds located at Mosan, Ipaja, Alimosho, Lagos in order for them to bridge the gap between the town and gown aspect of learning.

The students were taken round to see the facilities available at the aquarium vis-a-vis; Electric Aquarium, Open Tank ponds, a mini Zoo amongst others. The facilitators took time to explain to the student the use to which each facility is put and their maintenance procedures.

Mr. fish, while explaining the mode of culturing to the students, gave them an aquarium and a fish feed. In another section, they were given a fishing net within a space of twenty seconds to catch a fish.

Later on, they proceed to the mini zoo, where they saw monkeys, crocodiles and other forms of reptiles. Including a small farm with banana plantation and other types of plants.

While reiterating the benefits of owning an aquarium to the students, he told them it is easy to start as it is not capital intensive in that they can also grow their own reptiles and rear their fishes in a mini fish ponds.

He advised school owners to embrace the idea of excursion as it forms an integral part of the students’ learning. As what children see, stick to their brain longer than what they are just being told within the four walls of the classroom.

The Proprietress of Pampers Private Schools, Mrs. Salako, said the aim of the excursion was to expose the children to the reality of what they have learnt in their classrooms. It was also a way of helping the children improve in their academic performances. Assuring the students that the management will sustain the exercise as it aides learning faster.

Some of the students who spoke with our correspondent, expressed their satisfactions in the trip, thanking the management for giving them the privilege of visiting and seeing some of the facilities they have read while in class.

The students no doubt must have learnt a lesson or the other from the trip as it has provided a direct source of knowledge and acquainting them with first hand information. It has also given them an opportunity to develop their aesthetic senses.

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