Ado-Odo/Ota TWORA Branch Chairmen Pass Vote Of No Confidence On Union’s State Treasurer, Noah Ayorinde (Alaje), Asks Ogun Government To Investigate Him For Financial Impropriety

Branch Chairmen of Three Wheelers and Owners Association (TWORA) in Ado-Odo/Ota local government has kicked over what they called, ‘financial impropriety and high handedness’ on the association’s state Treasurer, Noah Ayorinde, popularly called ‘Alaje’.


The aggrieved Chairmen, who spoke with VOA News correspondent on Sunday, lamented the ‘overbearing’ manner at which the state Treasurer, Alaje deals with members of the association.

“We have always been having problem with him since the inauguration of this association. Those of us in Ogun West have not enjoyed this job at all. When the association was inaugurated, all the excos were invited to a meeting at Abeokuta and we were made to understand that each ticket costs N550, but he, Alaje persuaded us that the money would be increased to N640 in view of taking care of party elders with the increment. Initially, we agreed and we were paying N640 before the pandemic started but we could no longer bear the sudden increment. Regardless of the intermittent working schedule, he refused to revert the money to the initial amount that the state approved.

Whenever we were issued ticket, we were always short served. We could be issued three IRS, three state and garage and maybe, two union tickets. Though, we are aware that it is not true, but we still managed to work like that. It got to a time again when the ticket fee was increased to N700 with the excuse that they wanted to construct association’s secretariat. This development became so unbearable for all of us that we could no longer meet our weekly targets. Whereas, despite our plight, the last work we did was given to us at N750.

The height of it is that Alaje brought in another association, TORAN to do our jobs, which is not practicable in any organization”.

In what appeared as if the branch Chairmen had already reached their endurance threshold, they accused the state Treasurer of sharp practises as their own investigation revealed that the money that was supposed to be allotted for the party elders never got to any of the elders.

“We have now done our investigations, and it was revealed that no party elder in the local government had in anytime, given any money by the state Treasurer, nor has he paid any money on the association’s behalf to the local government. This development is nothing but ‘financial misconduct’ and looting of the association’s hard earned money; even at a time that the government of President Muhammad Buhari is working tirelessly to nip corruption in the bud.”

The Chairmen called on the state governor, Prince Dr. Dapo Abiodun and the state executives of TWORA to investigate the state Treasurer as they no longer have confidence in his leadership style.

All efforts to make the state Treasurer, Mr. Noah Ayorinde to speak on the matter proved abortive as calls made to his phone were not answered, neither the message sent to him was acknowledged as at the time of filing this report.

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