Alfa Allegedly Docked For Criminal Conversion Of Mosque Asset In Atan-Ota

In the case of Commissioner of Police and Lukman Ajayi Olawale brought before an Ota Magistrate Court on Friday. The accused Lukman Ajayi, an Alfa at Al-ahu-mobir society has been allegedly accused of criminal conversion of assets belonging to one Al-ahu-mobir Islamic society to another Al-ab-rary society.

According to the prosecuting counsel, Inspector E. Itaita, he said the defendant was charged to court on a four-count charge bordering on conspiracy, incitement, collusion and criminal conversion of assets belonging to one Al-ahu-mobir islamic society to another Al-ab-rary society in Atan/Iju/Ilogbo LCDA area of Ogun state.

VOA News correspondent gathered that the defendant, Lukman Ajayi had served as a sub missioner at the head quarters of the Al-ahu-mobir for over six years before he was posted to Atan-Iju as a missionary to start up a branch for the society.

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In the witness account of Mubbil Bello, who’s currently serving as the chairman board of trustees, Al-ahu-mobir society. He said that the defendant had engaged in a gargantuan conspiracy with a fellow in the branch the headquarter authority had mandated him to start up to disown it of its asset. In his words, “sometimes in 2011, Lukman who was a sub-missioner at the Headquarter was asked to go as a missionary to start up a branch at Atan-Iju Ota. When he was leaving, he was given canopies, public address equipment, microphones, horn and wooden speakers, prayer books, mats, kettles, stickers, etc.

On the 7th of July 2012, construction of a mosque started on the land donated by a member of the branch of which money realized from the fifty prayer books given to the defendant at the start of the branch were used in purchasing building materials. January 2016 when the mosque construction was almost completed, the defendant made known his intention to step down as an Alfa in that branch. as a result the, headquarter had to deploy another Alfa, Ibrahim Sakahila to replace the defendant.

On the 14th of February 2016, the complainant in company of other officials from the headquarter came to organize Asalatu, the defendant instigated the second defendant to disorganize the mosque while the President was addressing the congregation. “We were chased out of the mosque’s premises and prevented entry thereafter. On the 8th of December 2016, a letter was written notifying the defendant of the commencement of Asalatu by the society January 2017 only to get there and realize that the mosque has been renamed and assets criminally converted to Al-ab-rary society.”

The defense counsel during cross examination of the witness put to it to the witness that he had only come up with assertion and untrue evidences to deceive the honourable court as the claims he laid are not concrete as such the mosque does not belong to his society because according to evidences provided him with, the structure was not erected out of the treasury of his islamic society.

The case was put on hold while the court await the arrival of the other two witnesses that absconded.

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