Allover Polytechnic, Other Stakeholders To Fix Lynson Chemicals Road

The representative of Ado/Odo Ota constituency I, in the Ogun state House of Assembly, Honourable Yusuff Sheriff , a.k.a Ibeman, on Monday, met with relevant stakeholders ready to partner with the government to fix the Lynson chemical avenue road in Ota.

The lynson chemical avenue road is of great economic importance to the state, as it is surrounded by various big industries in Ota. However it has been in a dilapidated state for a couple of years.

Honourable Ibeman noted that in order to sustain the public-private partnership (PPP) in Ogun state, it is very pertinent for him as the representative of the people of Ado/Odo Ota constituency I, in the Ogun state house of assembly, to visit the stakeholders to assess the level of damage done on the road, and provide a long-lasting solution to it.

He said, ”We are here because of the good gestures showed to the government by The Allover Central Polytechnic, in terms of the PPP arrangement, they want to partner with the government to fix the Lynson Chemical Avenue Road.”

Allover central polytechnic Ota,which is situated along the lynson chemical avenue road, has expressed their readiness to sparehead the team to fix the road and return it to the motorable state it used to be in the past.

The Rector, Pastor Kunle Adewoyin, in an interview with VOA news correspondent, revealed that the polytechnic management had on many occasions sought for Government’s partnership in fixing the road, but the previous administration in the state had continually turned deaf ears to their call to fix it.

He said, “as time went by, we started having problems in fixing some of the infrastructures, we went to Abeokuta to request for partrnership with the government but instead of them to hear us out or come and see for things themselves, we were pursued with task Force.”

However, he lauded the efforts of the present administration for willingly wanting to partner with them in fixing the road.

He said, “the present government is not just a responsible government but a responsive one, who swiftly responds to the request of the government to get development.”

He further stressed that the rehabilitation of the Lynson chemical avenue cost the school management N500,000 every year, without minding the fact that the damages on the road were caused by big trucks of companies in that area.

The Rector therefore assured that, the management of All over Central Polytechnic with the various industries around the Lynson Chemical avenue, are ready to partner with the government in fixing the dilapidated infrastructures in the area.

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