Another Friends? By: Com. Azeem Salako

Coalition government is very dangerous, notoriously negotiated, desperately formed, politically unstable and selfishly destroyed, this in my opinion is not different from the realities we are facing in Nigeria. My resounding warning is our need to be meticulous yet again in forming and supporting the agenda of a third force which came in a different expression as Coalition of Nigeria Movement by Olusegun Obasanjo.

I make bold to say that none of the forces either first, second or the ongoing third are not with the support of Obasanjo, in fact, he publicly destroyed his oath of allegiance of the first force, his beloved and built home at which he ruled as president for Eight years so that we can believe that the second force will be the last of all forces that will clean and cleanse all the political aberrations of Nigeria. He was a trained and experienced military man to the level of a military head of state and as such he was expected to know the consequence of going to the war with unknown soldiers.

When I heard of his support for APC, I was confused if he was not aware that Bukola Saraki, Atiku Abubakar, Bola Tinubu, Muhammad Buhari were the new friends behind the formation and activities of the party, I was sure that with Baba heavy bureaucracy he will know many things about the APC that even the new friends do not know. I was a bit relieved and less disturbed remembering that Obasanjo has become a pastor plus a PHD student of Theology in NOUN, so i was convinced that the Lord might have spoken to him through his meditation and reading of course materials, Who can’t be sent by the Lord to deliver a message to the people, in fact, the philosophy in most cases is that genuine divine messages are sent through known devils, and the narrative is that hear the message and not the messenger. Good enough, there is a method we device to test the word that come genuinely from the Lord, What is that, THE REVELATION.

The first three month of the official relationship of the new friends and at the time of sharing the dividends of a magical friendship, one will expect a free flow and peaceful distribution, no one will expect that the first test of the new friends quickly define their genuine reason for the friendship. It was not a friendship for life, it was not a for better for worse relationship, it was not a friendship for common purpose, it was such a friendship like the UNITED NATIONS where all member states came together under the guise of common purpose but problems continue to loom since the real politics was for member states to agitate for her interest and use military, psychological or economic power to get it.

Six months later, Saraki used his psychological power to get his seat against the interest of Tinubu, Tinubu was fenced by the cabal, Atiku was still friends with Buhari waiting for the test of their friendship in 2017, by 2017 Atiku saw the body language of Buhari to recontest and he pulled out of the friendship immediately, There were winners and losers, today and not up to four years, The OWO (Broom) is scattered and the new friends has become new enemies. Just after some moment, Obasanjo advised that another FRIENDS needed to be made so that we can have a better Nigeria.

Don’t forget, he is now Doctor of Theology, a pastor and an elder stateman, what should we do, where are the enemies that will turn friends, Do you then, start suggesting so that we can start the union quickly. WHAT TITLE DO YOU THINK FITS THIS PIECE IF IT WERE TO BE A MOVIE?. Salako Oladimeji.

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