Attempted Rape On Awori’s Custom As Ogun State Government Intensifies Negotiations To Install An Owu Man, Sodeinde As Oniju Of Iju, Otta

Attempted Rape On Awori’s Custom As Ogun State Government Intensifies Negotiations To Install An Owu Man, Sodeinde As Oniju Of Iju, Otta

The Ogun State Government has shown its desperation to flaunt court orders as it prepares to install an Owu man,


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Mr Olufemi Sodeinde, a 90 year old as the Oniju of Iju, Otta.

  In a meeting with the Olota in council, Secretary to the State Government, Taiwo Adeoluwa alongside Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Hon. Jide Ojuko and one other government official whose identity can’t be ascertained expressed their readiness to upgrade the four quarters heads of Ota viz: Ajana of Ota, Onikosi of Ota, Otun of Ota and Oruba of Ota to coronet Obas as a bait for crowing Sodeinde as the Oniju of Iju, Ota.

It will be recalled that in ACT/201/2001 between Chief Oluyomi Olatunji and others which Sodeinde happened to be one of the claimants versus Oba Moshood Alani Oyede, Olota of Ota and others, the Ogun State Attorney General according to paragraph three of the statement of defense of Ogun State government, ‘No collection of towns, people or community known or called Gbalefa in Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government and Ogun State as it contains in the survey plan of Ogun State drawn in 1978 by the department of land survey in the ministry of works. And recently, customary court of Ogun State, Ota grade 1 on Tuesday 31st of May, 2016 declared that there is nothing like Gbalefa in suit no OT/111/2015 between Mogbonjubola Opaleye and six others versus Sunday Sowole and three others’. In other words, there is no Gbalefa in Otta.

VOA gathered that the State Government’s delegation played host to the Olota in council which consists of Chief B.Osunlabu, the Ekerin of Ota, Chief Sikiru Anibire, the Onikosi of Ota, Chief Clement Akinyemi, the Ajana of Ijana Ota, Chief Isiaka Idowu, Balogun of Ota and Chief Wadud Deinde, the Akogun of Oruba Ota. It was said at the meeting by the State Government’s delegation that they are prepared to upgrade the four quarters chiefs in Ota to the position of coronet Obas and that will come in tandem with installing Sodeinde as the Oniju of Iju Ota. They further stressed that this is the best time to carry out such plan in that the position of Olota of Ota is not currently occupied. In addition, Sodeinde is only a 90 year old and his span as an Oba will soon come to an end. More so, they are ready to create two ruling houses in Iju Ota, which are Owu and Ota ruling houses.

This decision is born out of the fact that Sodeinde has taken his lobbying up to the point of sleeping in Governor’s office, a source confirmed to us.

VOA further gathered that the decision did not go down well with the Olota in council. A question was asked by the Chiefs if Sodeinde’s father was ever a king in Iju before he died. Also, if Sodeinde was given birth to at Iju. Most importantly, if an Awori man can become a monarch in Egba land. They backed up their question by citing an example of a young man, Amisu Akinbo who was a close ally of Mrs Titilayo Ajanaku, a former local government chairman in Abeokuta and former special adviser to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. The man was invited to contest as a Councillor in Abeokuta because of his loyalty to Mrs Titilayo Ajanaku. It will be recalled that the boy died a sudden death. Hon. Jide was asked why his ministry refused to approve the recommendation proffered by the Olota of Ota to elevate some Baales in Awori land to the position of Obas. The SSG reportedly asked Hon. Ojuko why he has decided to leave out the Baales in Ota among the Obas he has crowned in the past. The Chiefs were warned to keep the discussion of the meeting a topmost secret, hence, they must not inform the Onilogbo of Ilogbo and Onitetiku of Owode Ota.

Hon. Jide Ojuko, commissioner for local government and chieftancy affairs was asked how he would feel if an Owu man becomes a monarch on Awori soil, he reportedly answered that he would cover his ears with wool in order not to listen to the community’s backlash.

A reliable source confirmed that the meeting finally degenerated to a heated argument and the Ogun State delegation threatened that they have powers to halt the installation process of the Olota of Ota for another seven years if they reject their advances. The Chiefs left the meeting with a feeler that they would consult with the people which they represent.

The Olota in council, while speaking with Voice of Awori sends a save our soul message to the people of Awori in Ogun, Lagos and in diaspora to come to their aides so that the State Government will not succeed in raping their interest by installing a 90 year old Owu man as the Oniju of Iju, Ota.



8 thoughts on “Attempted Rape On Awori’s Custom As Ogun State Government Intensifies Negotiations To Install An Owu Man, Sodeinde As Oniju Of Iju, Otta

  1. My candid advice is that Ogun state government should not interfere with the tradition of our land! Politics and tradition is two different things

  2. the winners of d cards never indicate… may be they are only interested in loading the cards and not the news.. may be u should always send it to d 1st person that comments under the news..

    1. Those are human being for you. It is very difficult for some people to show a little appreciation. Kudos to VOA for this hand of fellowship. May God water your ministry.

  3. It is unfortunate the kind of people we elect into our public office. The most annoying thing is that we celebrate them for any little crumps they throw at us.

    Some people do not worth sharing the same blood as we do in Ota, Awori land. It is unfortunate.

  4. In my opinion a drastic step must be taking to stop Mr commissioner from doing this probably we should mobilize the indigene that are youths and marched down to his family house or head of their family in a peaceful protest for him to know that we cannot open our eyes and see the owu ruling us on our own soil.

  5. this is best time for Awori to say enough is enough, by protest to world and let federal govt know was going on in Ota with peaceful protest.

  6. It is pathetic the level of ignorance of Nigerians in general, but particularly those that have commented here. Many of then know nothing of the history of Iju and the glaring butcher job done by Oyetoro in writing this garbage. However everyone is here passing judgement. My simple advise is that you go and educate yourselves, then you can allow yourselves to join public discourse.

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