“Awori Indigenes In Diaspora Are Ready, Alert And Desperately Looking Forward To A Pan Awori Conference”, Chief Kehinde Saaka, President, Awori Indigenes In Diaspora

Please permit some time out of your busy schedule to attend to matters of interest which your exalted leadership within Awori community bequeathed on our Royal fathers.

lateef kehinde

Elders and leaders, accord all of you with power of leadership to respond and effect the desired changes this communication intend to achieve. “If we fail in our duty to say the fact because our kinsmen are involved, we are preparing the ground for the destruction of our country “Chief Obafemi Awolowo”. According to our forefathers “Experience is what you gain from the experience of others, wisdom is what you acquire from your own actions”.

Awori Indigenes have seen how they have been badly represented over a decade by those foreigners falling over themselves, and spinning to be rewarded with higher offices. Awori indigenes have learned from the experience of Ekiti, and Ondo State indigenes in the last State elections. Lagos indigenes have observed active young men and women of their generation threw away corrupt selfish leaders in a civilized country. Leadership requires honesty, principle, integrity, being visionary and commitment to a cause. In a developing country and every modern society, these are qualities that are used to measure persons who aspire to lead or occupy positions of public trust. Unfortunately, some events that polluted our ugly past drove honest people away from the state’s political arena. Awori Indigenes like many other Indigenes in Nigeria States had her share of this dislocation and still parades individuals who see public service as opportunity for self-enrichment rather than a fiduciary responsibility solely to the interest of the people with the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to all. These individuals who lack the essential qualities of good leaders are the ones impeding the progress and development of Awori communities.

I must tender my candid apology to earnest few in this class as I do not intend to paint all personages in public service as dishonest and deficient in good leadership skills. I have observed that millions of Awori indigenes share this same attribute, they know good leaders and are easily able to identify one, however, I do not know many communities in the world where persons who have put their personal vendettas above the collective good of their communities would hope or aspire to be rewarded with higher responsibilities or offices. This ugly scenario is currently playing out in Awori Community. Few Awori indigene representatives who have no inkling of what public service are unashamedly flaunting their incompetence and hypocrisy that are so visible to the same people they have grossly short-changed.

Majority of the politicians in Awori community are potential risk to actualizing cohesion and rapid development in Awori communit.  Are these Awori politicians? It remains an area the royal fathers, elders and the leaders are unwilling to tackle, except the Lagos State indigenes Association, Awori Indigenous Forum, Kosofe and Awori Natives Coalition, Ota Ogun State. They have been laboring at the grass root and assiduously communicating the purpose of governance and public service to Lagos and Ogun state politicians. Other Awori indigenous elites are showing little concern about the rots in their state, on the other hand, Some of our Royal fathers, Elders and Leaders rather than speaking out against the greed that has overcome our treasury, have joined the “LOOT CRAFTS” jostling for the kill and personal gains. They have formed long queues behind various gladiators who are seeking to run as Local Chairmen and other political positions in the incoming Local Government election. There is a great need to reminisce on the circumstances that produced those who presently occupy Awori indigenes slots in public service and leadership positions.

It is important that we evaluate whether they have represented core Lagos and Ogun State values and interests, or whether in their duties and official capacities they have promoted their personal interest above public interest. An unbiased appraisal of their stewardship for it its benefit to the people shows abysmally poor performances that would keep generations to come wondering how we ended up with gang of rapacious bandits, and rogues masquerading as leaders. But if we must reclaim the future for our Children, we as individual must determine the type of leadership we need in Awori community.

The first logical step towards this goal is by dispatching, retiring and consigning these political jobbers to the sad part of Awori history and sordid past. The land, River Olofin and the spirits of those who were murdered in cold blood in order to foist rogue leadership on Awori indigenes cry for justice every day.

Therefore there are no doubts in our minds that present Awori indigene leaders and ward chairmen in partnership with the appointed and selected representatives have not performed in the greater interest of all, and evidences abound everywhere for the blind to see. It would be most disingenuous for Awori indigenes to reward any of these rogues with a higher office not after they have raped our land, treasury and plundering our commonwealth. These individuals who have connived with strangers to disenfranchise Awori communities, and benefited through contract awards and political appointments, and who subsequently have enriched themselves at the expense of Awori indigenes, do not merit any support for a higher office on behalf of Awori indigenes. Awori culture and values do not reward bad behaviours. Awori indigenes of noble men and women will resist any call to support these bad eggs amongst them or whoever had misrepresented them in the past or present for any future appointments, or elections. They must be resisted no matter the amount of money they may throw around, and in defiance of powers behind them, nor the height and prominence of the position they occupy. Awori indigenes in diaspora are ready, alert and anxiously looking for a progressive political Awori indigenes leadership that will articulate a clear vision for Awori community, without this vision, it would be impossible to face the future as Awori indigenes in the emerging Awori communities both Lagos and Ogun state. Awori indigenes needs unpretentious political leadership that would rally both Lagos and Ogun states on a different interests and accommodate opposing views by building a coalition for common good for Lagos and Ogun state.

They can no longer afford to be represented by sons and daughters who have constantly betrayed Awori indigenes trust or have had their fingers in shoddy dealings that have appearances of corruption or such acts or have allegations proven or not hanging over their heads. The articulate generation of Awori indigene of young men and women has emerged and anxiously waiting for Awori indigenes, Royal fathers, elders and leaders to close their eyes and make the judgement call on whether these rogues are the best Awori indigenes can provide for the communities also whether they are credible enough to continue to represent Awori indigenes or whether Awori indigenes should look their  kinsmen in diaspora with credible political leadership. Awori indigenes are not oblivious of the fact that a good chuck of some Royal fathers, Elders and Leaders are expected to make the judgement call, they have soiled their hands in dinners with these rogue cum political leaders. The Awori indigenes are aware of some Royal fathers,Elders and Leaders in competing with some Awori elites and whose source of funding are from the rogues politicians. The generations of Awori indigenes do not ask for the return of their loots but will sound a note of warning that those who connive with gangsters to loot our commonwealth will go down with their patrons, matrons and godfathers on the day of reckoning.

We must look them in their eyes and tell them that the age of transparency is here and that it will be no longer business as usual. That there will be no hiding place after they have been defeated because they must account for their deeds while in the office. The days of reckoning will come and just like their past bodies, justice must take its full course, it is fast approaching. In our time we have seen how the most peaceful communities suddenly turned violent over night. Those who take the docility of Awori indigenes for granted should not be surprise to wake up one morning to discover that the peace they took for granted was no longer guaranteed. Awori indigenes have a lot of respectable men and women better than the present opportunists who parade themselves as political leaders. Honorable and respectable men and women can be found everywhere in Awori communities. Great and selfless Awori indigene personalities abound from both Lagos and Ogun States. Decent and honorable Awori indigenes with exceptional characters can be found in every Local Government of Lagos and Ogun States.

It is therefore illogical to expect that Awori indigenes would continue to look up to the usurpers who have done little or nothing to improve the lot of millions of unemployed Lagos and Ogun State, Awori graduates roaming the streets of Lagos and Ogun state, who are doing nothing to alleviate the sufferings of thousands of sick elders and senior citizens without social provisions network, and who are selfishly eating away our resources to another states. Thousands of our primary and secondary students study on cold grounds, under leaking roofs and dilapidated school buildings, with 300% fees increased, no good medical facilities, no good roads, In “AWORI COMMUNITIES” Lagos and Ogun state has been “MORTGAGED” by the greed and selfish political leaders, leaving our children, great grand children to pay the mortgage for the rest of their lives.

This is the time to call a conference of Awori indigenes of young men and women associations and communities development unions to sit down and design a blue print on way forward for the Awori community. The youths have long lost confidence in present leadership tussle among some of our Royal Fathers, Elders and the Leaders on one hand, political opportunist on the other side. There is a vacuum for visionary Awori indigenes leadership yearning to be filled in both States. Good men and women of Awori indigenes and the youths must take up the mantle to rally and rebrand public service and politics as social works with power as against the present ‘CHOP I CHOP MENTALITY’.

The deprivation, disenfranchisement and level of poverty, visited Lagos and Ogun state by successive administrations in connivance with Lagos and Ogun state political swashbucklers have gotten to unimaginable level.  If Awori indigenes do not show their anger this wickedness will not be abated. Awori indigenes, sons and Daughters home and abroad have equal stakes in the project of protecting our commonwealth, protecting individual freedom self expression and dignity for all. Every Awori indigenes must join hands to reclaim the mandate for credible Awori indigenes representation or leadership will remain in the hand of second rate for a long time. I have not heard in the political history that Some Awori indigenes like“IDEJOS” Onisemo, Olusi, Aromire, Dosunmu, Ojora, Adele, Oluwa, Oloto, Elegusi, Onisemo, Olorogun, Modile, Oniru, etc. were allowed to contest for any political positions in Ondo, Osun, Ekiti, Kwara, Oyo, South South, and South East. It is only in Lagos state where a Governor from another state controlling our local government election, in Alimosho largest district in Lagos state dictating for us who is going to be our Local chairman from his State. What is going on with our Royal fathers, elders and leaders. Were they blindfolded with money or what? Some of our Royal fathers, elders and the leaders have exchanged the birth rights of our children and great grand children for money to the foreigners who took over our commonwealth to their states to run for another political positions, in returns asking our children for money before they can be employed into any local or state jobs. If some of our Royal fathers, elders and the leaders do not see the hand writing on the wall or looking the other way because they are overwhelmed by the rots in the system.

The Awori indigene youths must gear up, summon courage, and employ the power of social media to mobilize for new political visionary leadership. It will be productive to seize the opportunity of the technology through social media platform to advocate for good leadership. Is time to start some soul searching, it is also time for praise singers to advise their masters to reconsider their warped values, and respect the unique qualities of principle, honesty, ethics, integrity and visionary leadership for which our Forefathers, Royal fathers and the past leaders were known. This is the time to demonstrate that Awori indigenes still hold and respect these values. There is no better way to demonstrate this in a democracy than using mobilization and voting through the ballot to retire and confine to history of Awori Culture, the present rogues who have misrepresented Awori as fraudulent political leaders before the Awori indigenes”. The nation has found itself in an enviable situation because people with no experience in administration are now in power”… Alhaji Maitama Sule.

Awori indigenes does not record anywhere that progress comes by electing into highest office incompetent characters or hawkish and egocentrics persons who have exhibited total disregard for collective interest and the people’s social welfare. When a moth wears the appearance of a wasp, we infer that imitation is intended to deceive insectivorous animals which prosecute the moth but avoid the wasp”.

Prince Alhaji Lateef Kehinde Saaka.

President, Awori Indigines In Diaspora




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