Awori Students Forum Of Nigeria Demands Youths To Benefit From Empowerment Program From Public Office Holders

The importance of skills acquisition in third world countries especially Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. Schools of thought have stressed that for a nation to be economically self-reliant, it must necessarily diversify its economy and as well encourage the youth to embrace self-employment through appropriate favourable policy and an environment that would facilitate skills acquisition,


The Encarta Dictionary described a skill as the ability to do something well, usually gained through training or experience. Skill acquisition on the other hand involves the development of a new skill, practice or a way of doing things, usually gained through training or experience. The types of skills that can be acquired by the youth includes but not limited to;

Vocational Carpentry, Hair Dressing, Fashion Designing, Tailoring, Mechanic and Electrical Engineering apprenticeship, repairs of GSM Handsets, Wrist Watches, Air- Conditioner, etc;  and entrepreneurial (small scale business such as; operation of kiosk, buying and selling of spare parts, restaurants etc).


Knowing the intricate benefits of equipping youths with appropriate skills to be self reliant.
Unattached young people between ages 15 to 29 years ought to unconditionally benefit from  Youth Empowerment and Reintegration Programs from public office holders.

The Constituency Empowerment Programs initiative, which will get under way in 2017-2019, should target young people who are delinquent in school, have dropped out of school, and are not employed or attached to any training program.

The objective of this text is to engage unattached youths in positive social activities, and steer them away from antisocial behaviours such as crime and other social vices.

Statistics show that young people are the main victims and perpetrators of criminal activities and so “The objective is to see how we can contribute to lessening the crime rate in our society, more so among youths.” We seek to reintegrate them into the formal education system or into employment and vocational training, while building their confidence and self-awareness.


We are looking at how we can reattach these youths into your Empowerment programs, We are seeking to get them enrolled in your employment program or other existing programs that are out there that can help to build employability skills, in order for them to get jobs so that they can be empowered,”
“It is really (by having) our youths reattached or connected to programs that will bring them benefit and have them refocus on their lives rather than carry out unruly behaviours.”

The programs should be piloted  as well as participating education and training institutions.
We believe this methodology will be employed “is multi-dimensional as we are quite cognizant of the fact that the young people are from different backgrounds and the problems that they have might be varied”.
This will involve psychotherapy approaches to promote self-awareness, self-efficacy and self-actualization among targeted groups, and also the use of the creative and performing arts, sports, training, seminars/leadership training and empowerment workshops.

“We can empower our young people by helping them to realize their potentials so that they can capitalize on those (possibilities) for their own growth and development, With this, it will help you to use a myriad of approaches to try to get the youth back into the formal system.”

We use this medium to urge the youth hitherto to take an active part in their affairs and make responsible use of opportunities that will be created for youth empowerment.”
Also, the youths to pursue self-help options, in terms of networks for both economic and social well being, such as, youth cooperatives and clubs would be a beneficial example of positive engagement and therefore urged youths to seek opportunities that will advance their economic and social well being, urging them to shun violence, delinquency and other negative vices.

By: Comrade Ogunsina Sunday Benjamin
               General secretary (ASFON)

One thought on “Awori Students Forum Of Nigeria Demands Youths To Benefit From Empowerment Program From Public Office Holders

  • November 20, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    I want all the Awori Elites to come together as a forum for us to start benefiting from the industrial estates in our newly created local Govt; Agbara/Igbesa. If Niger Delta can be agitating for employment benefits from the Oil companies in their region then Awori indigents too should begin to benefit from the companies located in our local Govt. area.

    Kindly call me on 08055600569 for further explanation.



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