Awori Unify Around Unity Is a Must If We Want Governorship Seat In Ogun West – Prince Kehinde Saaka, President, Coalition Of Awori And Descendants In Diaspora [CANDID]

Awori Unify Around Unity Is a Must If We Want Governorship Seat In Ogun West – Prince Kehinde Saaka, President, Coalition Of Awori And  Descendants In Diaspora [CANDID]

By: Prince Kehinde Saaka

Please permit sometime out of your busy scheduled to attend to matters of interest which your exalted position in the Ogun West Senatorial district in Ogun State bequeathed on you and accord you the power to respond and effect the desired changes this communication intend to achieve.


prince kehinde Saka

I am writing this article with full knowledge and believe that the positions which all hold as the Royal fathers, chiefs, elders, leaders, politicians and the youths in the Ogun West Senatorial district are impeccable, and not attained by accident, but it was due to your activism and those qualities other sees in you that endeared you to the people’s hearts before you were either voted in or appointed to these positions.

However, eminent positions come with some salient responsibilities which you ought to perform in order to justify the trust people  put on you. You are also owe yourself the opportunity to exhibits those core value that makes you who you are today. Failure to exhibits these value is not only a personal failure but betrayal of trust of people that chose or voted you to represents their interests in these bodies.

The issue I want to bring to your esteemed notice as Royal fathers, Traditional chiefs, Elders, leaders, politicians, youths and the general public of Ogun West.  I am using the opportunity of this coming 2019 general election to put all our difference behind us and let us unify around unity to produce the best candidate regardless where the candidate comes from as long as he is from Ogun West Senatorial district if we are optimistic for the seat.

I am appealing to all our Royal fathers to come with positive mind and together as one family.  I believe that together we are stronger, and we shouldn’t let the issue of  superiority or our ego -esteem break us apart in 2019 .The way forward to Oke Mesan House depend in the hand of our Royal Fathers if they can forget about their difference and  form an alliance of coalition of Traditional rulers with one voice, Ogun West is going to be one of the best senatorial district.

The observed developments need to be addressed with open mind as anything contrary would discourage and kill the enthusiasms of good people of Ogun West Senatorial district as a result of the direct policies  of the current administration. I hope you will bear with me as I discuss my observations, we all should work together in support of one another, all the politicians should also work together in support of one another regardless of the party you belong ‘ if possible you all can form an accord if you are not sure of winning in your party, utilize more of our resources. We should share our information and experience with one another to build a brighter future for Ogun West, also all people of Ogun West should come together to bring unity and peace into the Senatorial district body, let us forget that I am Yewa or Awori we are all from Ogun West.

We are complaining that Ogun West is been marginalized, absolutely nobody marginalized Ogun West but we marginalized ourselves because of self-centered, selfishness, We have been divided by our Royal fathers, traditional institutions, the greedy politicians, Elders, Leaders, the ward party leaders, the Youths and the Area boys. These are the factors that denied us from been elected into Oke-mosan House.  If we can come together just like the Egbas and the Ijebus with one voice and one leadership I do hope that we do not allow the type of feuding and hard feelings which feature in our last general election.

Awori no doubt has become a unifying model to which other indigenes aspired in the past 2015 general election which has taken Awori indigenes to another level.   Awori indigenes are no more a synonyms FOR DISUNITY but progress.

It is important to note that success comes in multitude of blunders. No one makes a right decision without making several wrong decisions. We will stumble, lapses in our judgments, because we don’t claim to have solutions to all the problems. Indigenous  Awori  should be counting on our compliment, our efforts in realization of goal and objectives of this great Awori indigenes.

Cynicism should not have a place in Awori community because cynicism is destructive and it will eat deep anything that comes its way, and we should not because of our differences drink from the cup of personal hatred and destruction. Let us discuss issues that are germane to the development of Awori not innuendos. Let us criticize constructively; we may reject the messengers, but the messages and ideas. Let us be objective and not the obstacles. This is a monumental task that all AWORIS must take to heart. I believe, if we do that, the best of Awori is yet to come.

I believe in the future of AWORI there is no sacrifice that is too great to positively impact on AWORI INDIGENES and realization of progress and prosperity for the Awori people



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