‘Baba Loja’ Of Ota Market, Chief Saliu Alao Charge 8 Culprits To Court For Conspiracy And Unlawful Loitering

By: Deborah Kayode

Eight suspected victims have been arrested and brought before an Ota Magistrate Court on Friday on a four count of conspiracy, felony, stealing and unlawful loitering of the market.

VOA News Correspondent was intimated by an anonymous source that the Baba Loja of Oba T.T Dada market was informed on Monday, April 1 that a clash had ensued among a sect of Hausa ‘Alabarus'( local labourers that help offload and convey their purchased items out of the market) and Yoruba ‘Alabarus’ in the market. upon the reception of the news, the baba loja called the DPO of Onipanu Police division, who in turn mobilize his men and went to the scene. Before their arrival, they victims had escaped. However, On Wednesday the boys were again seen around the market. Immediately the policemen were contacted and they were apprehended.

In the charge read by the prosecuting counsel, Inspector E. Itaita, “That you, Abdulahi Waris, Segun Osunleye, Samuel Olusanya, Lawa Qudus, Lekan Ojo, Onasanya Tumininu, Kenneth Okokolo and Akorede Samuel conspired on 1st of April, 2019 to commit a four count- charge of conspiracy, felony, stealing and unlawful loitering of the market.”

In the witness account given by Chief Saliu Alao Lawal, The Baba Loja of the market. ” At exactly 1pm on Monday Afternoon, I was called and told that a clash had ensued among the Hausa ‘Alabarus’ and Yoruba ‘Alabarus’. immediately I called the Police, but they ran away before the police got there. On Wednesday again, Information reached me that the boys involved in the clash have been seen around the market. I called the police and they were arrested. Prior to their apprehension we’ve been having series of crime outbreaks perpetrated by some set of ‘Alabarus’ that sleep in market stalls after the close of market activities. Ever since, we’ve been looking out for the culprits till they were finally apprehended today.”

Hence, the Magistrate ruled that the defendants sign an undertaking which prohibits them from further sleeping in the market.

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