“Be Careful Of The Next Ruling House”, Onikogbo Of Ikogbo, HRM Oba Nurudeen Osoja Cautions Monarchs

The Onikogbo of Ikogbo, HRM Oba Nurudeen Osoja has cautioned monarchs to be wary of the next ruling house in queue after they must have joined their ancestors.

Oba Osoja said this while speaking with VOA News correspondent over the weekend. He emphasized that there are four (4) people which monarchs ought to be careful of as soon as they ascend a throne, “Monarchs should watch out for these four people when they are on the throne, ‘1. Next ruling house to mount the throne after you. They can never pray for your longevity. 2. Your co-contestants for the throne; they may not wish for you to succeed because of envy. 3. Your immediate family members; envy and hatred from immediate family members are also one of the things a monarch is supposed to take cognizance of if he wants to succeed. 4. His Chiefs; not all the chiefs would want a monarch to succeed. Some of them are there to plot your downfall and not to assist you in taking the town forward.”

Oba Nurudeen Osoja’s advise as reported by VOA News, might be unconnected to his wealth of experience; spanning to almost a decade and a half on the throne as a monarch of one of the reputable Awori towns in Ogun State.

The Onikogbo of Ikogbo is a practising Engineer. His lifestyle, as spied by VOA Entertainment correspondent can be described as ‘enviable’ as he has chosen to not follow the ‘norms’ that come with a royal stool.

It will be recalled that his wife, Olori Oluwabusolami Osoja, on 31st of December, 2019, hosted all the kids in Ikogbo to an ‘end of year carnival’. The annual event, which some people have described as ‘rare and kind’ by the Olori had at least, 80% of kids from the town in attendance.

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