Commotion At Ikeja As One Man Died After Falling From A Moving Train

Following the death of a train passenger at the construction site near the Ikeja railway on Friday, some angry Nigerian youth has stormed the site to destroy the equipment used for the constructions.

According to reports, a train was moving along the Ikeja railway, with some passengers hanging from it. At PWD busstop, an excavator being used for the construction of the second phase of the railway in Ladipo, Ikeja, was stationed very close to the railway.

Unfortunately, as the train passed the area where the excavator was stationed, the men hanging on the train were knocked down by a part of the excavator that was close to them.

One person was confirmed dead at the moment of filing this report. There are reports that there was another dead body, but this cannot be verified at the moment.

Following the accident, youths in the area stormed the scene to wreak havoc to the tractor, excavators and trucks being used for the construction.

The construction company workers and the two Chinese supervisors at the site had to run for their lives on sighting the angry youths.


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