Coronavirus: “We Are Ready To Ensure Strict Compliance To Government’s Directive”, Ado-Odo LG Chair

By: Ogunremi Esther

Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Caretaker Chairman, Alhaji Wasiu Lawal has on Tuesday, said that his office was doing everything humanly possible to ensure that the directives of the state government to combat the spread of coronavirus disease in the state is met.

VOA News reported on Monday that the government of Ogun State announces further measures to combat covid-19 in the state, part of which stated that transporters should reduce the number of passengers they carry in a trip, market people should be given enough space for separation, and many more.

While going round on Tuesday Morning, VOA News correspondent observed that the government’s directive that transporters should not carry more than two passengers on tricycles and one passenger on motorcycles have not been adhered to within the Ota metropolis.

In an interview with VOA News correspondent, the local government chairman, Alhaji Wasiu Lawal explained that he would meet with the Head of local government administration and other stakeholders in the transport sector in order to ensure strict compliance to the state government’s directive.

“We are going to hold a meeting with the transport union leaders and other stake holders on Thursday. They need to be sensitized on the importance and benefits of the government rules. But our monitoring earlier showed that the transporters have been complying. Keke Napep now carries only two passengers, Motorcyclists also carry just one passenger in a trip. Till the meeting on Thursday before I can be sure of what is really going on.”

Wasiu added that he has also been supporting the Ogun State government in the fight against Covid-19 scheme by making sure the people of his local government area protect themselves and adhere to government’s rule.

He further advised that the people of Ota should stay at home if they notice any ill symptoms so as to prevent the disease from spreading around the community.

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