Drama As 14 Year Old Rapper Turned Burglar Dazzles Ota Magistrate Court With His Rap Style During Court Session

By: Ogunremi Esther

A 14-year old boy, simply identified as Daniel, who was arraigned before an Ota Magistrates’ court on Thursday, dazzled the court with his rapping skill during cross examination.

Daniel was arraigned with two others, Ismail Rauf and Micheal Joel for burgling a fashion designer’s shop at Ayetoro Itele area on 11th August, 2019.

The trio were charged on two counts. The charges read, ‘that you, Daniel Ismail and Micheal, stole ankara and gini in a shop at Ayetoro Itele; and that you stole phones during the act.’

The defendants pleaded not guilty to the offenses.

While giving his testimony, Daniel confessed that he committed the offence with the two other defendants.

“Ismail called me that night to come with him to a fashion designer’s shop. He told me to enter the shop through a tiny space he broke and pack some cloths and phone. I entered and did as he ordered. Later the following day, I was arrested, after much torture, I decided to reveal those who were involved. Hence, their arrest too.”

In Micheal’s testimony, he said, “I have never seen this small boy before in my life, talk less of telling him to steal for me. I am a fashion designer, though I do not have a shop yet but I work indoor.”

Ismail in his testimony affirmed that Micheal was not part of the burgling but he had truly sent Daniel to steal those items on his behalf after he had burgled the shop.

While questioning the 14 year old boy who has also been in detention together with others since their arrest, it was realized that he left his parent’s resident in Akure for Lagos without their knowledge.

He said, “My parents stays in Ilawe in Akure. I left home to rap in FUTA one day, from there I gathered the money that I used to transport myself to Lagos. From Lagos, I found my way here in Ota without depending on anyone. I stay on my own, I feed myself too. I don’t have a home, I sleep anywhere i see at night.”

He however rapped in Yoruba for about 5 minutes which allowed the magistrate to handle the case with pity and suggested he should be returned back to his parents who might have been looking for him.

Meanwhile, the complainant, Morufat Adewale prayed the court to discontinue the case and claimed she was no longer interested its pursuit.

The case was adjourned till 26th August for final hearing.

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