DSS Treating Sunday Igboho Like Nnamdi Kanu – Nigerians Warn Yoruba Nation

DSS Treating Sunday Igboho Like Nnamdi Kanu – Nigerians Warn Yoruba Nation

Reactions have continued to trail the raid and invasion of Sunday Igboho’s residence by the Department of State Services (DSS).

The operatives invaded Igboho’s residence on Thursday in the Soka area of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, two days before the planned Yoruba Nation rally in Lagos State.

Two aides of the agitator were killed while twelve males and one female were arrested during the raid.

DSS spokesman, Peter Afunanya, revealed that seven AK-47 assault rifles, three pump action guns, 30 AK-47 magazines, 5,000 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition were recovered from Sunday Igboho’s house.

Others are five cutlasses, one jack knife, one pen knife, two pistol holsters, one binoculars, five cartridges and three charm jackets/traditional body armour.

The DSS has since declared Sunday Igboho, who has gone into hiding, wanted and instructed that he reports himself to the nearest security agency.

Nigerians have taken to Twitter questioning the swift action of DSS at Igboho’s residence while bandits keep killing and terrorising citizens.

Some accused the DSS of planting the ammunition found at his residence while others compared the case of Igboho to IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Here are some comments gathered by newsmen from Twitter;

@Ayemojubar “ What happened to Sunday Igboho yesterday is a replay of what Nnamdi Kanu experienced in 2017 and why he left Nigeria.DSS came from Abuja, military men joined them for the ops, the forces beyond the control of Sanwo-Olu during Lekki massacre has invaded Makinde’s territory also.”

@africatt “ DSS has launched a manhunt for Sunday Igboho.They raided his house and killed people.
Now, the man is running for dear life, the same thing Nnamdi Kanu was forced to do and Yoruba media chose the narrative that he jumped bail.

@ManlikeBright “ So next is Sunday Igboho,I hope we all are seeing what’s happening,elder statesmen are mute about all that’s going on, just imagine DSS and military going to someone’s house by midnight killing two and whisking others away cos u didn’t meet your target when it’s not a jungle we’re living in.”

@Dondekojo “ DSS: We didn’t Invade Sunday Igboho’s house, DSS: Sunday Igboho is wanted because we found arms in his house during the raid.
What madness is going on in this country?

@Drpenking “ DSS has Declared Sunday Igboho wanted but Gumi is a freeman. In the country where my placenta was buried,asking for freedom of your kinsmen is a punishable offense but throwing open support for terrorists and bandits is tolerated.”

@Xpsilver1 “ Same DSS and Nigerian Army that followed Gumi to bandits hideout for negotiations. It is the same DSS and Nigerian Army that stormed Igboho’s residence. And you think this country will be alright? Taaa the country is irredeemable. Nigerians are just looking the other way now.”

@DrOlufunmilayo “ DSS says war weapons from Sunday Igboho house include Nigerian Passport, a cat and a cowries jacket.Is it a crime to own a Passport?Is it a crime to practise traditional religion? Will you parade the Bible/Quran as a weapon? A cat is a weapon of war? This is a mad country.”

@Swtrosy2 “ DSS and the Nigerian Army followed Gumi to bandits hideout for meetings and the same DSS and the Nigerian Army stormed Igboho’s residence? Anybody that is expecting unity, peace and progress under the prevailing injustice of Buhari’s Nigeria, is a joker!

@Realsolakuti “ When I saw the footage of the carnage at Sunday Igboho’s house I concluded that only thugs could have done this. It looked like a staged crime scene. That the DSS was so unprofessional speaks volumes. Nigeria under Buhari is not a zoo, it is a JUNGLE!

@Godswill “ The DSS of the Nigerian state will always lie about something in order to cover up its atrocities.
Two people were massacred in the raid of Sunday Igbohoo’s house, the same scenario that occurred in 2017 while Nigerian army raided the home of @MaziNnamdiKanu father’s house.DSS, why all these?

@JosephOla4 “ DSS has claimed to recover the following items from Sunday Igboho’s house after the heinous attack on his residence. I knew they would start thinking on how to implicate him, they’ve added those guns just to paint him black.”

@Samcleave_Gzla “ Sunday Igboho cannot have the kind of ammunition that the DSS said they saw in his house and he’d abscond, it will have been a battle for battle.Those arms were planted in his house.”

@WilsonVictor “ How would you people believe that someone that is fighting for freedom in this Buhari administration will keep such guns in his house.”

@BamusTaiwo “ Why did the DSS disconnect the CCTV and destroy video evidence of their attack on Sunday Igboho’s house if they didn’t plant guns there? DSS should show Nigerians the footage of the attack.”

@Oriowoseun “ DSS should be sue for trespassing, infringement of human right, murder, threat to life and intrusion for their activities at Sunday Igboho’s house.”



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