Ethnical Clash At Oba T.T Market Averted As Yoruba Hoodlum Allegedly Stabs Igbo Trader

Another ethical clash was on Monday, averted at Oba T.T Dada market, Ota as Yoruba hoodlums allegedly stabbed an Igbo trader.

The incident, as reported by an eye witness, Ganiyu Lawal, happened on the last market day, Friday 5th June, when a hoodlum, stabbed an Ibo trader on the neck over a disagreement which emanated from ‘area boys’ fee before traders unload their goods from lorries.

“The hoodlum, simply identified as ‘Shapaki’ allegedly stabbed the Igbo trader, name not known on the neck with a dagger for refusing to pay the money demanded”.

In an interview with one of the market women who craved anonymity, said, ‘this is not the first time such dispute will occur. The area boys who sleep in the market are notorious for demanding exhorbitant tolls before we can unload our goods. They are also fond of breaking into our shops and carting away our goods. We have made several concerted effors towards ensuring that we get rid of the area boys to no avail’.

VOA news gathered that the Shapaki is an ex-convict who just finished serving a year jail term at the correction centre.

Meanwhile, Ibo traders as well as their Hausa counterparts has refused to open their businesses today for fear of reprisal by the area boys whose ‘gang leader’ has been apprehended by the Police.

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