Family Alleges Threat To Life, “Killing Of Akeem Akinlolu (Stainless) And Musbau Olawale (Long)” By Suspected Land Grabbers In Ilegbemu-Igasia Village Of Ado-Odo

Family Alleges Threat To Life, “Killing Of Akeem Akinlolu (Stainless) And Musbau Olawale (Long)” By Suspected Land Grabbers In Ilegbemu-Igasia Village Of Ado-Odo

The family of Igasia-Ilegbemu in Ado-Odo has called on relevant security agencies, most especially, the Commissioner of Police in Ogun State, Bashir Dabup Makama to unravel the abduction and ‘alleged killing’ of Akeem Akinlolu, popularly known as Stainless and Musbau Olawale, also known as Long in the said Ilegbemu-Igasia village of Ado-Odo by those whom they described as identified armed hoodlums.

In a petition written by Royal Wig Advocates and obtained by VOA News, it was gathered that both the remote and immediate causes of the abduction saga and brutality meted on Akeem Akinlolu, a.k.a Stainless and Musibau Olawale, a.k.a Long by suspected armed hoodlums that stormed Ilegbemu Igasia village, Ado Odo, for the second time on 27th March, 2019, at about 2:00pm in a macabre operation leading to subsequent abduction of the duo.

Before the latest abduction, some identified hoodlums already reported to the Police by Musbau were alleged to have stormed Ilegbemu-Igasia with dangerous weapons like guns, cutlasses, cudgels, charms and in the process vandalized an on-going construction projects. The armed hoodlums were also said to have carted away valuables like a laptop and cash summed up to N600,000 belonging to one Mr. Sotomide. This unprovoked assault coupled with stealing was thereafter reported by Mr. Musibau Olawale, a.k.a Long at Agbara Police station for investigation. The Police men swung into action and arrested suspects linked with the crime and were later arraigned in court.

No sooner than the suspects were granted bail that they went about threatening to kill Musbau, as gathered.

In the same vein, Musbau Olawale, a.k.a Long was listed as the Complainant cum Star Witness by the Police at the Agbara Magistrate court. While the trial is still pending, he got abducted at Ilegbemu-Igasia family land where the identified armed hoodlums had earlier launched attack on him and Mr. Shotomide, who bought land from the Ilegbemu-Igasia family. Both Mr. Shotomide and Musbau were said to be purchasers of land traceable to the Ilegbemu-Igasia family.

Meanwhile, two of the principal suspects; John Iroko Owoyele and Abioro Micheal who are currently in custody of the Police at the Intervention Squad, Obada allegedly gave hints on the likely fate of the victims and they also listed about 18 accomplices in the crime, some of whom are now at large.

Further investigation by VOA News correspondent revealed that Ilegbemu-Igasia village had earlier been burnt by some armed hoodlums from Owoyele and Idoleyin villages. According to members of Ilegbemu-Igasia family, the incessant attacks was brought to the attention of the Nigerian Police in Ado-Odo then and they were advised to evacuate their farmlands due to persistent threat to their lives and properties. However, they had to flee their farmlands at Ilegbemu-Igasia village. This created hardship for them and as peasant farmers tilling the soil for daily survival, they had to return to their farmlands in search for survival.

All frantic efforts to unravel the misery surrounding the latest abduction is yet to yield any positive result. It was tale of woes narrated by relations of victims of previous abductions, mostly Yorubas at Itire-Ado, Isanyin, Idolana, Ilisa, Idoleyin, Idogalu, Akasun, Ido-Ajaye, Obakobe, Isotu-Aisunle, Agboku-Igbekan, Arubielu, Idiepa, Iberese, Onimosalasi, Pakuta, Ajogbo, and a host of other villages that have witnessed deadly acts of land grabbers trailing their activities with destruction and unlawful pulling down of houses and structures unrestrained.

Fear and cloud of uncertainty have gripped peasant farmers and land owners in the said villages as nobody is sure of his or her safety. It has reached a stage that a section of the Egun (Ogu) community that have sympathy for the Yoruba land owners and farmers have been forced to evacuate their farmlands for fear of being killed.

Meanwhile, the internally displaced persons (IDPs), mostly Yorubas who have been displaced by terror groups operating as land grabbers since 2009 till date are strongly appealing to the Government to come to their rescue by safeguarding the rule of law, lives and properties in tandem with the 1999 Constitution (as amended).

Calls have also been made to the Government to resettle the internally displaced persons as its usual practice in some areas like Ondo state during the bloody Ilaje, Arogbo-Ijaw, and Itsekiri-Ijaw crisis. The wagging tongue, is that the Yorubas have been turned into slaves and destitutes on their ancestral lands while a section of the Eguns are having a free hand in lawlessness, land grabbing and flouting court orders and judgments with impunity.

They further appealed to the security agencies to bring to book all culpable persons using Izangbeto, an Egun juju in Ado-Odo area to harass and intimidate the Yorubas within the area. This is a breach of the fundamental freedom to religion, expression and movement, as disclosed by a segment of people in Ado-Odo area.

“It is also a worrisome development that Idoleyin village, an outpost of Idoleyin compound, Ado-Odo founded by Onileyin is now becoming a breeding ground of armed hoodlums spreading tentacles to Ilogbo area in Lagos state and various villages and settlements in Ado-Odo area at the instance of Egun kingpins; Hunno Danfosu, J. kuruyo, Idowu Hopo Jideme calling themselves Baales in the area without installation by the Oba of Ado, or approval by relevant government agencies to that effect”. VOA News learnt.



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