Featured: Difference Between Loyalty And Hypocrisy

By: Ajibọdẹ Abdulkabir O.A

On today’s reality, we are looking into the basic difference between being a loyalist and at the same time, a hypocrite. As a young man, I have come to realize that there are ways at which people at their respective societies turning themselves to hypocrites in the name of pledging their loyalty for some reason best known to them.

Loyalty, no doubt is the act of being faithful in allegiance to a person or cause, while hypocrisy is the claim or pretense of holding beliefs, feelings, standards, qualities, opinions, virtues, or motivations that one does not actually possess.

However, juxtaposing the two words, I can pinpoint the fact that you can be a loyalist and not be a hypocrite, but on the other hand you can never be a hypocrite and be a loyalist; you would rather be in the state of deceit.

Below are some factors I believe can make one a hypocrite at the expense of been loyal.

1. Religion: Religion is one of the basic factors that can make one be a loyalist and at the same time a hypocrite, this is so because I believe brethren are charged compulsorily with the expectations of been truthful and loyal to their religious leaders, so in the process of doing this, some knowingly and some unknown to them fall into the trap of been hypocrites, because they wouldn’t want to go against the position of their leaders even when they know frankly that their so-called (leaders) are wrong.

2. Godfatherism: This one factor is a very critical factor that is affecting and hindering the progress of most societies, I personally as a person I don’t see any crime in having someone we look up to as a leader and mentor but the crime sets in when you give them the autonomy over yourself parading then with the title godfather/godmother, I see this factor as one factor that can render one to be a hypocrite in the disguise of been loyal to one’s godfather/godmother in the sense that when as a godson you see the position of your godfather as a wrong path and you decide to follow suit because you believe he/she is an expert in that particular field forgetting that we all are bound to make mistakes irrespective of our level or status in the society, but as a loyalist, you look away from that mistake at the expense of whosoever the mistake is going to affect negatively.

3. Selfishness: This is also one factor that can render one to be a hypocrite against been loyal because a selfish man will never look or think at the convenience of his fellow man.
Conclusively, it can be depicted that the tool that can be used in distinguishing between loyalty and hypocrisy is one’s mindset, in the sense that a hypocrite who is telling lies knows he’s telling lies in his/her inner mind even when it looks to be true to others, and on the other hand, only a loyal man knows in his inner mind that he is for the truth even when it looks to be deceitful. Why not be a loyalist and be truthful by calling the attention of the people around you to the truth instead of pretending everything is alright all in the disguise of wanting to look good to them at the expense of others. Remember hypocrisy might be an act that attracts rewards on Earth but it is definitely a sin that is punishable in the hereafter, but been a truthful loyalist is might not be as rewarding as being a hypocrite on this Earth but believe me it definitely attracts many rewards in the hereafter.

Note: Let’s all endeavor to always do away with the act of being deceitful for there’s a popular Yoruba adage that says “bi irọ ba lọ fún ogún ọdún ọjọ kan ni otitọ ma bá” i.e when lies exist for twenty years, it takes just a day for the truth to meet up with it. In a nutshell, a word they say is enough for the wise. So to this end, I supplicate that may the Almighty God in his infinite mercy bless us all and never seize to be guiding us through the right path (amen)!

Thank you for taking some minutes from your precious time to go through this piece and do not forget to share, it might help change lives for the better.

Ajibode Abdulkabir Olawale writes from University of Ilorin

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