“Ota Trade Fair Is Expected To Surpass Lagos International Trade Fair”, Convener, Ota Mega Trade Fair, Oyede Oke Adeniyi

Preparation heightens for the first international trade fair in Ogun State while Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government is the lucky host community.   The convener, Oyede Oke Adeniyi shares his thoughts and preparations with VOA for the much anticipated showcasing of goods and services.


Good morning, can we meet you?

 I am Prince Oyede Oke Adeniyi, I hail from Ota. I am the CEO of Ruby Group. I am the Initiator and Convener of the Ota Mega City Trade Fair 2017. I am a product of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. And I see things from Leadership and Entrepreneurship perspective.


Tell us about Ruby Group

 Ruby Group was born by my entrepreneurial and burning desire to create and add value to human life and my society. While in University, I had executed several petty businesses and initiatives. Now as a fresh graduate awaiting mobilization, something popped up in me on the need to give my business activities a structure which gave birth to RUBY GROUP. We create and add value. We hope to become house hold name in the entertainment (music), transportation and education sector in the years to come. It is comprised of the Finest breed of individuals who have at several points successfully executed project individually and as a team. Our next project is the Ota Trade Fair 2017.


Is Ruby group incorporated?

 We are working with our legal team on the incorporation. We believe our steps should be guided properly. As we want to be a brand that will span several generations, we believe we should and must get it right from genesis.

When exactly did you start Ruby group?

 Ruby was officially created sometimes around Easter celebration last year 2016 when I initiated and coordinated the FUNAAB Students Union Legislative Trip 2016 to the National Assembly Abuja. But we have existed unofficially before then.  The team had a meeting to discuss all logistics towards ensuring the Legislative Trip was successful. I must make it known that we offered the services for free as Team Members then were all Students of FUNAAB. However Ruby has been expanded to accommodate specific individuals who are doing well in their chosen endeavors within the society.

 Let’s discuss Ota 2017 Mega Trade Fair, what is it all about?

The Ota 2017 Mega Trade Fair as all trade fairs around the globe is aimed at showcasing the commerce and industry of the people who make up that community. As we all know that Ota is the industrial and commercial hub and capital of our dear state, Ogun. The trade Fair is meant to bring the producers closer to the consumers. We have a vision of having big brands around the country bringing in their wares for the period of the fair. We hope to also welcome International brands. The fair is a developmental effort as Ota will be projected to the outside world as a commercial force to reckon with and a city that can be invested in judging with the population. In Ota alone, we have two major shopping malls, the Just Rite and ShopRite whose business is flourishing as people troops in to make purchase every second. We want to open up Ota to the business world and to also ensure our people have access to recent products and services via the Annual Trade Fair. We already have a venue for the fair in mind. It will hold in December of 2017. And it’s expected to meet and if possible, surpass the Lagos International Trade Fair. Currently, we are working on our contacts with the government and private individuals. We are open to partnership, sponsorship, etc. The responses from different quarters has been favorable and we are doing everything to make sure the project is actualized. At the end of the day, we want our people to have benefited, the name of our dear town and state projected to the world and also our exhibitors happy and looking forward to coming again.

Can you list few of the international brands that you are hoping to participate in this trade fair?

We hope to have as many as possible international brands….but without sounding preferential; if brands like Apple, Prada, Honda, Microsoft, Nestle, Lenovo, Samsung, Huawei, Shell, Panasonic, Adidas and so many more are attracted to participate at the fair, that will be a major achievement for us and we believe it is absolutely possible.

Have you considered showcasing local businesses and manufacturers, most especially, indigenous businesses at the upcoming trade fair?

 Exactly, we expect flourishing entrepreneurs and industries within the community to also harness the opportunity of the trade fair to exhibit their wares. I once met a woman who told me she would come and showcase Awori indigenous foods at the fair. I was swept off my feet to hear that. We definitely will have the local companies and businesses to exhibit their wares.

 Is the proposed fair expected to generate any employment for Ota indigenes and Awori people at large? Or are we hoping to have foreign workers in their stead?

 Because it will hold in Ota, it will only be reasonable for us to employ competent hands within the host city. We will have a mix of indigenes and non indigenes.

 For those that are willing to take part in the trade fair, what is the mode of entry?

As soon as all logistics are finalized, we will roll out the modalities through all forms of media on the mode of entry. But it will definitely come with a price tag for different categories and space requested for.

If you are reaching out to relevant stakeholders within the commerce industries both in and outside Ota, what will you want them to do to make the proposed trade fair a success?

Their support in all ramifications is key. We recognize the very important place of the government. I would not want to streamline or specify the forms of support we require from stakeholders within our community and neighborhood. As this is the maiden edition, we expect that this wonderful initiative will be watered and groomed to germinate into a tree with many fruits. We are also open to sponsorship and partnership. The most important thing to us is that the Trade Fair becomes a reality.

What is your parting shot?

 My parting shot is to call on the government, our traditional institutions and our people within the community and around the globe that this is the dawn of a new beginning. The dawn of many more wonderful initiatives to come. And we are all in this together. We Will be very happy to have many hands help us lift the Trade Fair up. Nothing can stop a dream that it’s time has come.

 Thanks for taking time out to speak with us

My pleasure always as we look up to also working with the VOA on this project.

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