Gov. Abiodun Charges Muslims On Piety as Ramadan Commences

Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun, has enjoined Muslims around the globe, to take full advantage of the Holy month with renewed faith in God as the month of Ramadan fast commences.

He also urged them to engage in activities that are in consonance with the essence of Ramadan, and not just abstaining from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.

Prince Abiodun said, “the fast should purify and spiritually rejuvenate the souls, serve as a reminder about the tenets of Islam, instil empathy about the conditions of those less fortunate in the society and the need for generosity, and provide a veritable opportunity to earn bountiful rewards for all acts of worship.

“This year’s Ramadan should be used to seek divine mercies and intervention to halt the spread of the unprecedented global coronavirus pandemic and heal the afflicted.

“We may be socially distant, our hearts are not constrained from reaching and looking out for each other, and Almighty God is present everywhere and indeed closer to each of us than our jugular veins”.

He appreciated the various communities in Ogun State for the peaceful coexistence, demonstration of understanding of the need for the measures to fight coronavirus, and the support to flatten the curve of the spread of the pandemic.

The governor, once again, urged all the residents to continue to adhere to all public safety regulations, observe personal hygiene, and cooperate with Government in the fight against the pandemic.

The governor concluded by praying that the efforts and supplications of the faithful in this Holy month of Ramadan, be accepted by God as acts that are pleasing to Him, and wished all citizens and residents of the state Ramadan Kareem.

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