Hon. Ibeman Meets With Constituents, Unveils Development Plans For Constituency

By: Ridwan Ajibose

The representative of the Ado/Odo ota I, state constituency, in the ogun state House of Assembly, Hon. Sheriff Abiodun Yusuf, aka Ibeman, on saturday, held a stakeholders meeting with his constituents, titled ‘Youth Social Influencers Hangout,’ at his constituency office in Ota.

Hon. sheriff, who is also the majority leader in the house of assembly, stressed that it is necessary to give feedback to the people who have elected him into the house of assembly to represent them.

He gave a detailed account of some of the bills the 9th house of assembly has passed to law since its inauguration, on the 10th of june, 2019. they include; The Moshood Abiola University of Science and technology (MAUSTECH) and Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY) amendment law, the security trust fund law, the Road Management agency law, the investment, promotion and facilitation law, customary court court law, magistrate court amendment law, anchor borrower program and the state appointment amendment law, which ensures that 30% of the state governments’ appointments goes to the women, while 10% goes to youths.

The Honorable also revealed that there are some bills that have been passed but yet to be assented to by the governor, one of which is the House of Assembly Autonomy bill.

However, there are some bills which are still in the second reading in the house of assembly, they include;Ogun state Urban and regional planning bill, Ogun state Obas amendment bill, Ogun state HIV/AIDS anti stigma bill, Emergency Management agency bill, lottery bill, Tenancy bill, Harmonized revenue, transport development bill, Trustfund bill, audit bill, Ogun state public and private partnership (PPP) bill and many others.

He stated that, some of the personal projects he intends to do will touch the education sector, Health sector and the sport sector in his constituency.

Hon. sheriff, further revealed that he intends to conduct a youth empowerment program and also a sensitization program for youths to jettison the practice of abuse of drugs and other social vices.He stressed further that he intends to organise an elaborate town hall meeting in order to know the needs of his people.

The stakeholders who engaged in the interactive meeting with the Honorable include the representatives of many important unions and associations which are; National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Omo Olofin, Ideal Youths, Community Developments Association(CDA), Generation Next, Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Awori Intellectuals, Mandate achievers Youth, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and the leaders of the 8 wards in the Ado/odo ota I state constituency.

Moreso, many of the delegates had the Opportunity to ask questions that are germane to their communities and to the constituency at large, which Hon. Sheriff answered accordingly. He stressed that anyone who has reports or suggestions about the constituency should forward them to him through the constituency office in ota, he would relay them on the floor of the house.

However, in an interview with VOA news correspondent, he highlighted other programs which he intends to make in his constituency projects, he also stated that he is aware of the social vices in the constituency and intends to carry out a program to sensitize the people on the harms of the social vice to the society.

When asked about his accessibility to the common man, he said, “I am very accessible to my people, people know that when am not in Abeokuta, I am here in Ota.

“Anyone who has a petition to submit should bring them to my constituency office here and my phone number is open to everyone, you can call me. If you have anything that is germane, you can bring it here also, I will lay it on the floor of the house, I am in the best position to lay such petition.”

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