“I Wasn’t Arrested By Men Of Federal SARS, I Was Invited As The Chief Security Officer”, Sango/Ijoko LCDA Chairman, Alhaji Fatai Lawal

“I Wasn’t Arrested By Men Of Federal SARS, I Was Invited As The Chief Security Officer”,  Sango/Ijoko LCDA Chairman, Alhaji Fatai Lawal

The Chairman of Sango/Ijoko LCDA, Alhaji Fatai Lawal, popularly known as Ebony has debunked the rumour making the rounds over his alleged arrest by men of Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad in connection with the arrest of a notorious killer named ‘Igun‘ within the Sango/Ijoko LCDA.


It will be recalled that the news of his arrest broke out on Monday evening over his alleged connection with the leader of the notorious group who indicted him with the allegation of ritual killings within Sango/Ijoko LCDA.

In a chat with Voice of Awori, Alhaji Ebony debunked the rumour of his arrest. He said he was invited as the number one man in Sango/Ijoko LCDA and also as the Chief Security Officer of the area. He said the suspect, ‘Igun‘ has severally issued a threat warning to his life and that there were times that the Sango Area commander of the Nigerian Police Force had given him security details who patrolled his house at least twice before the day break.

According to the LCDA Chairman, “my indictment by Igun has a political undertone. I have checkmated the excesses of the so called ‘Yayi‘ boys in APC at Sango/Ijoko and in their own way of fighting back, they felt they could tarnish my image and relegate me to the back seat. That is not going to happen. I am much more on ground at Sango/Ijoko”.

On whether the elder brother of the Governor,  Alhaji Abidoye Amosun did make attempt to secure his release and silence the suspects, he said, it is not possible for anyone to attempt to secure the release of someone that was invited for questioning. He added that the Police apparatus in the state belongs to the Governor and that his elder brother needed not go to the Federal SARS in an attempt to secure his release.

He said he did not spend more than two hours at the Federal SARS, Magbon and that he attended a caucus meeting of the APC on Tuesday where the Governor zoned the party ticket to Ogun West ahead of 2019 election.

On the 2019 political ambition of Senator Olamilekan popularly known as ‘Yayi‘, he boasted that the Gubernatorial aspirant is not going to see a single vote from his LCDA at the primary election because it will be ingratitude to the Governor to pitch tent with any candidate without his consent despite giving them an LCDA at Sango/Ijoko. He added that immediately after the election in 2017, he advised one of the personal assistants of Yayi to tell him meet and plead with the President in order to persuade Governor Amosun to cede the party ticket to him in 2019; but he boasted that they had money and getting the party ticket was not going to be a problem.  In his words, “I am an expert in this trade. Yayi can’t be Governor in this state. Lest, we are incompetent in Ogun State. All the party apparatuses are with the Governor.  I gave Yayi‘s PA advice to go meet Buhari to plead with the Governor to give him the party ticket in 2019, but he refused, boasting that Yayi has money to spend.  We can’t repay Governor Amosun with supporting  Yayi despite creating LCDA for us. Those that were calling us for the ticket at Sango/Ijoko are enemies of the LCDA”.

While answering question on the outcry of motorists within the LCDA over the extortion of the ‘Park and Pay’ task forces, the Chairman said, When a new policy is initiated, people will not be comfortable with it, until the policy starts yielding results. He lamented that the Governor has once accused him of incompetence the day he came to commission the Palms shopping mall, Ota over the careless attitudes of motorists, indiscipline among others. He said the policy of policy of ‘Park and Pay Cooperative’ is not in anyway to enrich the pocket of the LCDA, the policy is to instill discipline in Sango/Ijoko and that people will soon get used to it.




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