‘Incessant Accident On Iju Bridge, Iju River Needs Sacrifice’, Baale Igbele Ajana, Chief Dada Olusegun Ogedengbe JP

The head of Baales under Olota Traditional Ruling Council, Chief Olusegun Dada Samuel Ogedengbe, the Baale of Igbele Ajana, Otta has attributed the recurring accident on the Iju bridge to urgent need for performing a sacrifice on the Iju river. Saying this while appearing on Hebron 95.9Fm Awori kitigbe segment of the early morning program, Chief Samuel reiterated the need for all stake holders to combine efforts regardless of their religious affiliations in putting a lasting and permanent solution to the needless accidents on the Iju river.

According to the Baale, Igbele Ajana which is the next town after Kooko, Atan is dated back to as far as over 400 years ago when the founder, late Samuel Dada Ogedengbe who was next in rank to the then Olota of Otta, Oba Oyenusi left Otta on a hunting spree and settled in Atan along side his colleagues. Late Samuel, after a little dispute between himself and his colleagues, decided to leave Atan and was quoted as saying, ‘Ma lo ma gbe ile mi’, meaning, ‘i will go and live in my house henceforth’, hence, ‘Igbele’.

Responding to question of an alleged dispute between the settlers of Igbele Ajana, Chief Dada Ogedengbe dismissed the allegation, assuring that there are no disputes among the original owners of Igbele Ajana which are the Aworis. He further emphasized that the town plays hosts to so many tribes like Egun, Yewa, Egba and so on, but they may have issues between themselves but the real settlers of Igbele Ajana lives in peace and harmony among one another.

The guest affirms that the town has allocated lands for community projects viz: schools, hospitals, especially maternity center, town halls and so on, while calling on the state government to come to their aide.

On questions of illegal installation of chiefs and crowning of Obas on Awori soil, the Chief lamented that our fore-fathers have made a great mistake in over-trusting strangers and that we are suffering from their ineptitude. He further added that after a careful look at the Ogun state and Ado-Odo/Ota local government maps, he was not able to find anything like ‘Gbalefa pennisula’ but the campaigners of this propaganda are relentless. He nevertheless consoled the people of Awori that ‘though, lie travels for 20 years, one day, truth will catch up on it’.

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