Olota Stool: A Time Out With Prince Owolabi Matanmi, Candidate For The Stool Of Olota Of Ota

Olota Stool: A Time Out With Prince Owolabi Matanmi, Candidate For The Stool Of Olota Of Ota

Prince Owolabi Matanmi, a Hotelier, is the son of HRH Oba Abdul Fatai Matanmi, the Onijoko ot Ijoko, Ota.

VOA takes you to his lifestyle and his plans for the people of Ota and Awori land upon his installation as the next Olota of Ota.

Can we meet you?

My name is Prince Owolabi Adeyemi Abdul-Azeez Matanmi. I am a biological son to Onijoko of Ijoko, Ota. My mother is Olori Esther Ayinke Matanmi, both from Ijemo/Isoloshi ruling house.

I started my elementary education at St.Micheal’s Primary School, Ota. My father felt the need for us to have hostel training, he then moved us to children house school, Quarry, Abeokuta where I had my First School Leaving Certificate.

Later, I tasted a year program at African Church Grammar School, Ita-Eko before I was moved to Lisabi Grammar School, Idi-Aba. I was at Iganmode hostel owned by Chief Akinwonuola Amisu Akinbo of blessed memory (son of the land).

After my Secondary education, I later retook my SSCE at Itele high school, Ijebu-Itele in Ijebu. I had my Higher Institution (OND) in Accountancy from The Polytechnic, Ibadan. I had my B.Sc program at Lead City University, Ibadan, I studied International Relations. I had my NYSC in Kano state. But I later redeployed back to Ogun State to manage my dad’s hotels because I was the Managing Director of those hotels before I went for service.

I furthered more at University of Lagos for my M.sc program, Political Science, but because of my business antics, I had to defer the program for my business. It is still in view as of today.

I established a personal company of my own after I left Kabiyesi’s company, I then established my own firm, ‘Reliable Tourism and Hotels Management Concept Limited’. So I am a hotel and hospitality consultant.

I am married with two wives and four kids.


What do you do at your leisure?

I find myself at a social level, relax and make myself happy, at times going to the pool side with friends to have a nice time. I also help people write proposal for fun.



Our late monarch Oba Moshood Alani Oyede, of blessed memory left a big vacuum which can only be filled by a big fish in our community. Now that you have out yourself forward as a candidate, what should the people of Ota expect from you?


Late Alani played a very big role in Ota and Awori as a whole. I was close to him, he is a role model to us in Ota and I also want to emulate him. By His grace, if I assume the position of Olota of Ota, I will deliver my people from enslavement. There is second slavery which is common in contemporary terms. I want to deliver my people from being enslaved by some people. I would form solid unity among Awori people both at home and in diaspora and also facilitate all Awori sons and daughters to consider Awori land a place where they should all be identified with.

Ota is naturally endowed, and upon my installation, I will bring our people across boards to expose some of our strengths

I want to create a good platform to make our youths more relevant in the society and also, Ota will be more liberated to industry world because of the strength of Ota being a border town. Therefore, I am ready to put in my sweat and effort for the betterment of our country.


What are you going to do address the issue of unemployment?

In terms of employment, I will change the mind of our youths that believe that land grabbing is our business. I will relate good people of Ota to come together to build institutions

I will relate with those in government to consider our youths for first class slots. Also, encourage our people in self-vocational businesses and not loaning out Agriculture


  Do you think Iganmode Day celebration should be scrapped or repackaged?

I will want to embrace Iganmode day celebration to bring our people together, but it will be better repackaged up to international standard.

Iganmode day is supposed to be regarded by all sons and daughters of ota, it is a day to celebrate our warrior both late and alive. I will package to the point that he will use it to fast track recreational centre, health care facilities, Iganmode  day will be more of physical development that being more sociable.


Is there anything you are doing aside prayers to make get to the throne of your fore-fathers?

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. I will mention to uphold my fervent prayer in other to attain the throne while I will disregard the act of unfaithfulness in the course of attempting to serve my people. I will engage all religion and channel to talk with GOD.






2 thoughts on “Olota Stool: A Time Out With Prince Owolabi Matanmi, Candidate For The Stool Of Olota Of Ota

  1. He’s responsible, matured, easy going , intelligent, hardworking, industrious and well manner . I believe she deserves to be crown the Olota of Ota. HRH.

  2. I’ve knw prince owolabi matanmi as some1 who as a soft mind and good quality of a leader bak in d days even wen I visited his place of business.i think d land of awori wil never regret choosong him as d new olota of ota

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