Olota Stool: A Time Out With Prince Tajudeen Adio Sunmonu, Candidate For The Stool Of Olota Of Ota

Olota Stool: A Time Out With Prince Tajudeen Adio Sunmonu, Candidate For The Stool Of Olota Of Ota

Prince Tajudeen Adio Sunmonu is a UK based CEO, Chartered Marketing Consultant and General Secretary of Odua People’s Union( worldwide). Prince Sunmonu is one of the descendants of Akinsewa Ogbolu who was the first Olota of Ota. VOA takes you through his life and plans for the people of Ota and Awori land as a whole upon his ascension to the throne of his fore-fathers.

Can we meet you?

My name is Tajudeen Sunmonu.(Dip M, MCIM, MNIM, MA), CEO & Chartered Marketer.

I am from Kelu compound in Isoloshi-Ijemo Ruling House. I am from progeny legendary Osolo, the founder of Ota. Osolo begat Akinsenwa; the first Olota of Ota. He begat Osolusi who gave birth to Olumade, Olumade begat Ilupokiki who begat Osu-Ekun Agbebi Asalu, who begat Usman, Usman Sunmonu Asalu begat my Dad, Abdulrasak Ishola Sunmonu Asalu-Agbebi.
Olanrewaju is a Chartered Marketing Consultant with Chartered Institute of Marketing, Great Britain. He own-managed a family food and cosmetics convenience store in Hoxton market, London from 1998 to 2003.

He has a Master’s degree in Marketing Management and Certificate in IT. Twin-Track was originally established in the UK in March 1997. Incorporated as a private Limited Company in Nigeria in November 2004. He founded Twin-Track Marketing Services, a consulting firm in March 1997, having worked for different reputable companies in the City of London and gained over ten years of business formation, planning, organization and marketing management experiences.

As a business researcher, he carried out reports on African-Caribbean SMEs in Deptford & Hoxton Markets between 2000 to 2003, which was favourably covered by London based African media and the Punch Newspaper in Nigeria. He was the author of 2005 London Borough of Southwark African & Caribbean business ownership for 2004-2005. He believes that in an era of increasing globalization the business community of African origin needs to speak with one voice. He like to see African community and its business take a much higher profile in proving the performance of our role-model businesses, large and small, by the proper application of business and marketing management best practice.

He was nominated at the 2nd African Business Executive’s Award in London, for ‘African Professional of the Year’, 1998 and he eventually received Certificate for ‘Special Recognition’. An award winner again in 2014 alongside OPU Convener Otunba (Dr) Gani Adams in London, UK in the presence of Osolo of Isolo. Lanre is a team player, he has organized and spoken at various marketing, business conferences, Radio and TV programmes. Former Controller of Site & Safety (COSS) & Engineering Supervisor (ES) operative with British Railway (Rail).

A team player, ‘Lanrewaju was assistant Publicity Secretary (PRO) since 2013. He now holds OPU UK secretariat as the General Secretary since January 2015 till present nomination and appointment as the Oodua Progressive Union (OPU) Worldwide General Secretary, this year, 25th February, 2016. A team player, Lanre holds Nigerian UK Business Association [NUBA] secretary office for 3 years and helps delivered the association constitution. A member of Nigerian Institute of Management [London Branch]. He was Executive Secretary for five years with International Angle [a business club]. In 2004, Electoral Committee Chairman for Nigerian British Community Forum [NBCF]. He was appointed and elected as the Forum’s Publicity secretary in April 2005.


What do you do at your leisure?

 My hobbies include socializing, reading and keeping an eye on issues of current affairs and listening to good, iconic and spirit lifting music.


Our late monarch Oba Moshood Alani Oyede, of blessed memory left a big vacuum which can only be filled by a big fish in our community. Now that you have put yourself forward as a candidate, what should the people of Ota expect from you?

At home or in diaspora as you rightly stated, if you ignore to assist any fellow human being today, be rest assured that you will one day need the help of those you’ve neglected or ignored. Home is home, it’s essential to love our city. Ota is where I started my primary school and finished my secondary school education before travelling overseas some years ago. Ota is on my mind to be one of the best cities in the entity called Nigeria.

Upon your installation as the next Olota of Ota, how do you intend to reconcile politics, culture, tradition, and religion so that they all go without one affecting another?

I am a lover of God. I am the General Secretary of Odua People’s Union (worldwide). That is to say I cherish our culture and tradition a lot. Upon my installation as the next Olota of Ota, i will actively participate in all religious activities as well as opening my door to all political parties in as much as such will support the development of my people in Ota and Awori land.


What can you do to address the issue of unemployment?

Employment generation is very key. Ota is a land that is blessed with so many human and infrastructural resources. Upon my installation as the next Olota of Ota, I will facilitate job opportunities for those in need of jobs. 


Do you think Iganmode day celebration should be scrapped or repackaged?

Iganmode day celebration can not be cancelled during my reign as the Olota of Ota. It is a platform to bring together all our sons and daughters both at home and in diaspora. I will revive Iganmode day to make it a platform to fast track developmental projects.


Is there anything aside from prayers you are doing to make you assume the throne of your fore-fathers?

Well, nothing supersedes prayer. I believe in the will of the most high. I God wants it that I become the next Olota of Ota, so be it. It is not a do or die affair.



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