‘Investors Are Willing To Invest In Our State’, Dapo Abiodun Assures Ogun People

The Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun has on Tuesday said that the commitments of investors willing to make ease benefit of investment in Ogun, will follow his arrival from the UK-Africa Investment Summit 2020.

He further informed the good people of the state that on the sidelines of the Summit, he had been representing their interests, as he met with potential investors who have shown interest to invest in Ogun State.

In a statement, Governor Abiodun said,

“There is no better time to call for investments in Africa as a continent which has already started on the path to economic prosperity.

“The era of foreign exploitation and economic dependence is over, as our Country Nigeria has established its self sustainability through, for instance, its land border closure which has boosted our local and international economies.

“In fact, states have embarked on a massive implementation of export production and manufacturing. Our own Ogun State has keyed into agricultural programmes under the Central Bank of Nigeria, given social intervention to the people, and fined grounds for willing investors.”

The governor, during an interview at the UK-Africa Investment Summit 2020, which is currently held in the UK, stated, ‘I want to reassure the people of Ogun state that I would be coming home with commitments of investors willing to make the best of our mutually beneficial ease of doing business status.’

“Together, we will build our future – leaders, citizens and investors alike.”

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