‘Ijaiye Ojokoro Was Under The Rulership Of Ota’, HRH Oba Oluwalanbe Taiwo JP, Olojokoro Of Ijaiye-Ojokoro.

‘Ijaiye Ojokoro Was Under The Rulership Of Ota’, HRH Oba Oluwalanbe Taiwo JP, Olojokoro Of Ijaiye-Ojokoro.

Olojokoro of Ijaiye Ojoko, HRH Oba Oluwalanbe Taiwo JP appeared live on Hebron 95.9 FM early morning show to address some of the issues as it affects Awori land.


The monarch, while narrating the history of Awori and Iyanrun family which is the cradle of Ijaiye-Ojokoro, he said, ‘Ijaiye Ojokoro is under the rulership of Ota’. He narrated further, ‘when our fathers left Ile-Ife, they first settled at Oke-Atta which is now Aro in Abeokuta. They made boundary with Ita-Oshin. They left Oke-Atta after consultation with the Oracle and they moved to Ifo, Ifo belongs to Aworis. We are descendants of Ojugbele Adeitan. The fore-father settled at Iga-Iyanru in Ota. What brought about Iyanru is that our fore-fathers made consultations with the Oracle and after they got what they inquired from the Oracle, they all chorused, Ifa-tigba, ebo ti ru, hence, Iyanru’.

When Idahomi war broke out, our progenitor was part of those that fought Idahomi war.  But before he came back from the war front, they have been crowned monarch in Ota. Upon his return, he was embittered but was later calmed by the elders to embrace calmness. He later left Ota and settled at Ojokoro, Akute, Ebute-Metta and Ikeja where he hunted for games.

Narrating what brought about Ijaiye, the monarch said that when their progenitor got to Ojokoro, he hunted so many games like Lions, Leopards, Elephants and so on. On his return back from hunting one day, he got to a T-junction where his people came to welcome him, they all greeted him and chorused, ‘baba, eku- ajaye o, he answered and said, ‘ojo ko le ro oko nibe’, now  Ijaiye-Ojokoro, which means that, ‘baba, congratulations, he then answered, a timid can not hunt in this area because of the wild games that are available in this forest’.


He enlisted Ikeja, Ogudu, Ojota and so on as Iyanru family’s landed property. Responding to question about how long Ijaiye-Ojokoro has been in existence, the monarch said it is dated to about 400 years ago and he is the first monarch to reign as the Olojokoro of Ijaiye-Ojokoro, a throne which he has been since 2003.

While fielding question on the strangers who are in chieftaincy and territorial tussle with the Aworis on their land, Oba Oluwalanbe faulted the shenanigans to the lopsidedness of our fore-fathers and he also hinted that we are still making the same mistake our fore-fathers made. He fingered chief Olusegun Obasanjo as part of those who caused all the challenges that Ota is facing on their land now. Speaking on the solution to some of this challenges, the monarch said that they have informed the late Olota of Ota to beckon on them anytime the town faces oppression from enemies.

Lastly, Oba Oluwalanbe Taiwo addressed the question raised by a caller who called the attention of the monarch to the the inability of an Awori man to become a Governor both in Ogun and Lagos state. He lamented that there was a meeting which used to hold at Ota but the meeting no longer holds. He then assured that if the meeting can be revived, issues bothering Awori as it concerns politics, chieftaincy and territorial issues would be addressed in the meeting.



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  1. Interesting, there is need for the Aworis to unite and demand for a division in Ogun state. It is bad the way the Egbas treat them in the scheme of things in Ogun. Even in Lagos, the aworis do not have strong voice. Our obas and bales should stop giving titles to non-indigene.

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