“It Is A Blatant Lie To Say Egbas Exist Before The Aworis”- Olota In Council

“It Is A Blatant Lie To Say Egbas Exist Before The Aworis”- Olota In Council

The Olota in council were the guests this morning during the Awori Kitigbe segment of Igba Owuro, a two hour weekly program anchored by ace broadcaster, Olulana Mayowa on Hebron 95.9 FM.

Speaking on the existence of Ota and the Aworis generally, the Ekeerin of Ota, High Chief Bamgboye Osunlabu explained that according to oral and written history, “when our fore father Oduduwa was sick and one of his sons, Olofin Ogunfunminire was asked to go look for salty water which would be used to cure their sick father. He set out on the journey southwards in the present day Lagos, a journey which took him so long before he could return back home for obvious reasons. Unfortunately for him, his sick father was dead before he arrived and his properties were already shared in his absence. He was then given Opon Ifa, Okete (Pouch Rat), Awo sobi (mud plate).

Olofin Ogunfunminire had to resettle out of Ile-Ife and thus  made consultations and was asked to return  back to where he is coming from with his family and Kinsmen and make sure he put the Awo Sobi on a flowing river and settle wherever the mud plate sinks”.

According to Ekeerin, they first settled in Ogeere very close to Ijebu-Ode, hence; the worship of Igi-Oshe which they do till date. The story corroborates that of a monarch in Ogeere who recently shared the same story with them. He added that they moved to Oke-Atta where the Mud Plate sank for a while and left Aro, a brave hunter there before the people of Ibaara came to settle in the area. They now gave a portion of land known as Oko-Bara to the Ibaara people to farm. In another development, the mud plate moved to Iro which made some people to stay behind in Ota.  He added that those who settled first in Ota were the Idotas thus, the connection between the Oke-Atta, Idota and Ota people.

Chief Osunlabu while responding to question on the claim that Abeokuta has been in existence before Ota reacted that it is a blatant lie to make such claim since Ota was said to have been in existence since 14TH century. He added that according to oral history Ota has been in existence since 1421 while the Egbas only came into existence in the 18th century. He stated that according to a Portuguese writer, Ota has been a kingdom since 1674.

The Akogun of Oruba, High Chief Wadud Deinde added that it is boldly written in the Centenary hall that the Egbas came into existence in 1854.

Speaking on the number of Kings that have reigned since the existence of the kingdom, they stated  that Ota have witnessed the reign of 15 obas while the first Olota of Ota  was crowned in 1621 the first Alake was in 1864.

According to High Chief Clement Akinyemi, the Ajana of Ota, those that created Ota divided it into four quarters of which they include Oruba, headed by Akogun of Oruba, Ijana headed by Ajana of Ota, Osi headed by Onikosi, Otun headed by Olukotun.

The Olota in council while responding to question on whether they agreed with the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs to install a stranger as Oba of Iju to upgrade their positions, stated that the Governor did invited them for such discussion of which they refused point blank. The chiefs however called on the Youth to always verify their facts and ask question to clear doubts and confusion.

Speaking on the installation of the next Olota of Ota, the Olota in Council stated that once the agreement they signed with the ruling houses gets to the Governor, the selection processes will commence.

The Olota in Council while speaking on the 2019 general election emphasized that though they are trying to be very careful when it comes to political matters, however they will see to it that they present a credible candidate that will represent their interest.

Aishat Yusuf

Aishat Yusuf

4 thoughts on ““It Is A Blatant Lie To Say Egbas Exist Before The Aworis”- Olota In Council

  1. Interesting and educating, this kind of history , should be well desseminated amongst our people, most of us do not know our origin and the history to make us win an argument with d egbas, thanks so much for this great information

  2. Distorted history…while we try to fight outsiders as awori indegenes, we should always try to state the fact as its been lay down, we should not try to create discord between our kinsmen, when you our father’s said that ota had been in exist since 1421, what about isheri olofin? What about iddo in Lagos? I rest my comments

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