Lagos Clash: Family Demands Justice For Slain Son

The family of Toheeb Awolesi, who was killed during a clash in Agboyi community, in the Alapere area Lagos State, has demanded justice for him.

This is just as a resident, Florence Ogunseemi, claimed that 24 motorcycles belonging to her were destroyed in the mayhem that followed Toheeb’s death.

Newsmen gathered that Toheeb’s dead body was found in the Agboyi River on Tuesday, August 7, after he was allegedly kidnapped by some non-indigenes, identified as Ila Boys on Monday, August 6, 2018.

It was gathered that Ila Boys, who were said to be mostly motorcycle riders, had allegedly been terrorizing residents of the community.

The father of the deceased, Moruf Awolesi, said his son was killed because he prevented Ila Boys from stealing his motorcycle.

The 43-year-old boat driver said only justice would assuage the pain of the family.

He said, “My younger brother, Kehinde, bought a motorcycle for Toheeb to fend for himself. But while he was riding it, they pounced on him. It took the intervention of my grandfather before the motorcycle was recovered from them.

“Later, I heard that Ila Boys had kidnapped my son, taken his motorcycle and dumped his body in Agboyi River. They used machetes to cut him in the head, legs and neck. After killing him, they tied his hands and legs and dumped him in the river.”

The father of four appealed to the government to ensure that his first child’s killers were captured.

Also, Ogunseemi, who reportedly owned some of the motorcycles burnt in the reprisal, said her business had been ruined.

She said she gave out the motorcycles on hire purchase, adding that youths protesting Toheeb’s death were responsible for the arson.

She said, “On Monday when I got to my shop, I did not see the motorcycle riders working for me. I was later told that they went to settle a disagreement between one of the motorcycle riders and some indigenes of Agboyi community.

“All of a sudden, some of the mechanics close to my shop alerted me that I should run. They said Agboyi Boys were coming for me because I was the one buying motorcycles for riders who had allegedly been misbehaving in the community.

“When they got to my shop, they destroyed the motorcycles there. They left my place and went to a nearby building to destroy more motorcycles.

“I reported the matter at the Alapere Police Station. Two of the boys were arrested and I identified them.”

The 40-year-old said the boys returned to attack her the following day, adding that that was when her motorcycles were burnt.

“The following day, the boys broke into my shop and brought out my goods and the motorcycles. They set about 24 motorcycles ablaze,” she added.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Chike Oti, said a reconciliatory meeting had been scheduled.

He said, “The matter is known to the police and we are investigating it. People have been arrested and we are trying to ascertain the culpability of those arrested.

“We are still collating the number of motorcycles that were destroyed as a result of the reprisal on the motorcyclists who were alleged to have murdered another motorcyclist from Agboyi community.”















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