Lagos: NGO Conducts Free Dental Screening For Primary School Pupils

Lagos: NGO Conducts Free Dental Screening For Primary School Pupils

An NGO named United Way Greater Nigeria (UWGN) conducted free dental screening for about 100 primary school pupils in Makoko area of Lagos.

The screening was held at Khan Foundation Junior Academy, Makoko, which was done in commemoration of the National Children’s Dental Health Month.

It was an annual celebration which is celebrated every February and it is promoted by the American Dental Association (ADA).

It was reported that the month-long national health observance brings together thousands of dedicated professionals, healthcare providers, and educators to promote the benefits of good oral health in children, their caregivers, teachers, and parents, among others.

Zehra Talib-Emiko, Executive Director, United Way Greater Nigeria, said that the dental screening, done in collaboration with the Family Dental Care, Lagos and Khan Foundation, aimed at promoting healthy dental habits among primary school children.

Zehra said, “With millions of Nigerian children lacking quality dental care, resulting in cavities and gum disease, maintaining proper oral hygiene is crucial to improving their overall health and livelihood.

“Over 95.6 percent of early childhood dental caries go untreated and as a result, affect crucial behaviours, such as a child’s ability to chew, smile and talk.

“Having healthy teeth and maintaining healthy oral habits will boost a child’s confidence and encourage positive participation in his/her education and social life, which enhances healthy lifelong patterns”.

She added that partnering with Family Dental Care Lagos, ensuring that the children will be given oral health talks on how to maintain proper oral hygiene, while the dental personnel also performed dental screenings on the children.

At the end of the assessments, each child got a dental care kit to help him/her practice the dental care techniques they were taught during the session.

Talib-Emiko said that the NGO hoped to reach out to more Nigerian children within the year and help then attain a perfect smile through more dental health talks and screenings.

Also, Dr. Hitesh Gangaramani, Chief Dental Consultant, Family Dental Care, Lagos, said that the organization took this as a responsibility to educate the public on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and the relevance of healthy oral habits.

Gangaramani said that detailed examination and diagnosis that was conducted on the students are done with necessary treatment plans provided for oral hygiene and health.

She stressed that developing good oral hygiene was the first line of defense against common dental problems, such as plaque, tooth decay, gum disease, and halitosis.




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