Lagosians Share Experiences As Lady Alleges Police Refused To Save Her From Robbers

Twitter users have been sharing their experiences with the police in Lagos, after one of them alleged that policemen refused to help her, even though they were present when her bag was stolen in front of Panti Police Station.

The Twitter user, Eniola Toluwalase, @T_oluwalase, said about ten armed policemen witnessed her bag being stolen in front of the station.

“My bag was hijacked this morning by 6am directly in front of the Panti police station. About 10 armed policemen witnessed it. I begged them to chase the guy since their truck was there. They said they are going somewhere and I need to go lodge a complaint inside the station,” Toluwalase revealed.

Following her experience, other residents of Lagos on Twitter have been sharing their own experience; Chronicle@ristoflex revealed that rather than get help from police, when his phone was stolen at Ikeja, he said the policemen present told him,”welcome to Lagos.”

“Not surprised. A guy once snatched my phone at Ikeja under bridge in front of two policemen. They were laughing at me and said welcome to Lagos. I was more pained by the acts of the officers than the phone stolen.”

Another Twitter user, Deji Bankole @IamDejiBankole added his experience, he said, “About to 3 years ago my phone was snatched in Oshodi right in front of some policemen. They just looked the other way. Immediately I went after the guy. He didn’t believe I was could catch up. He dropped my phone only to pass by the same policemen & they asked “you get am”. Crazy folks!”

Laure @lorelle92 was laughed at by policemen when she went into their station to report a matter; “Like the time I went to report a very serious issue and they laughed at me saying ‘leave am, e be like say she fight with her boyfriend.’”

Elliot the photographer @Ovadje_El, said his bag was stolen too, “Exactly what happened to me last year during the local govt election. I was robbed. The police carried me cross the Carter bridge, instead of going after the thief, they ask me to go to Iponri police station to lay complain and they drove off.”

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