Less Sex Contributes To Early Menopause –Study

Less Sex Contributes To Early Menopause –Study

In a new study, researchers have suggested that having less frequent sex could lead to early menopause.

According to the Cable News Network, the researchers found out that, women who indulge in sexual activity weekly, were 28 per cent less likely to have experienced menopause, to those who had sex less than or probably, once a month.

“Similarly, those who had sex monthly were 19 per cent less likely to have attained menopause – defined as 12 months without a period – than those who had sex less than once a month.

“While the study didn’t look at the reason for the link, the authors said that the physical cues of sex may signal to the body that there is a possibility of getting pregnant. But for women who aren’t having sex frequently in midlife, an earlier menopause may make more biological sense,” the researchers wrote.

The lead author of the study, Megan Arnot, said, “If you are not going to reproduce, there is no point ovulating – you are better off using that energy elsewhere.

“There may be a biological energetic trade-off between investing energy into ovulation and investing elsewhere – such as keeping active by looking after grandchildren,” Arnot said.

The report added that, the study tested whether living with a male partner affected menopause – one existing theory was that increased exposure to male pheromones, as a result of living with a man, delayed menopause.

However, they found no correlation whether a male partner was present in the household or not.



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