Let Us Bring The Giant In Our Youth Out For 2019 and Beyond- ANC President, Oye Taiwo

Let Us Bring The Giant In Our Youth Out For 2019 and Beyond- ANC President, Oye Taiwo

The president of Awori Natives Coalition (ANC), Mr. Oye Taiwo has admonished  the youths in Awori land to take their chances and bring a breath of freshness to the misty political journey of Awori land and Ogun State in 2019 election.

He said this during the July edition of the monthly Awori Natives Coalition Assembly which took place at the association’s secretariat. While speaking on the importance of youth in any society, he said that all over the world, politics is not complete without the leading roles of the youth hence; the society must be prepared to contend with youthful exuberance along the way. He added  that for the youth to bring the needed change to Awori land, they must be encouraged to under take all activities required in the political adventures that will enhance preparation for better tomorrow.

During his speech, he emphasized the importance of mentoring which cannot be overemphasized as it is very crucial to the path and growth of youth, as such; the quality of mentor-ship given to the youth determines how far they can go in taking responsibility early in life to become good leaders and that is why it is better to inspire them positively. He further reiterated that youth of any nation or community represent the treasure of same; not excluding character deficiency thus, Awori youths should realize that they can not be youth twice.

Mr Oye Taiwo further called on Awori people to support parties/candidates they are sure would redeem the community without mortgaging their conscience with price tag. He added that Awori land should take up the task of encouraging her youth to dream bigger while asleep and have vision that unsettles their curiosity through mentoring to lift their homeland.

He concluded that whilst the youth are implored to wake up to take their rightful places, elder statesmen  should be less selfish and provide leadership qualities that has parenthood flavor which is about  personal sacrifices that require courage to the youth.

In his own response, Mr. Oyetoro Oluwaseyi lamented that the political elders in Awori land have not borrowed any leave from their Yewa, Ijebu or Egba counterparts in the state in that the elders of other Geo-political zones organize their youths, mentor and tutor them and use their prowess and large number to make meaningful negotiations which in turn; assists the zones politically.

Mr Azeem Bello called for the inclusive participation of all Awori sons and daughters both at home and in diaspora, most especially, the ones that do not associate themselves with their kinsmen. He further called on well meaning Awori parents to encourage their children to participate in the growth of the community.

Also adding voice to Mr. Oyetoro’s submission, Mr. Bisi Odunaro lauded the effort of Voice of Awori for boosting the image of the town across boards. He added that he and his colleagues are ardent readers of Voice of Awori. He however, called on stakeholders to key in to the project and contribute meaningfully to the development of the organization in that its sustenance will mean well for Awori and everyone at large.

Aishat Yusuf

Aishat Yusuf

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