Mixed Reactions Greet The Return Of Olofin Of Ado-Odo, HRH Oba Lateef Adeniran Akanni

Mixed Reactions Greet The Return Of Olofin Of Ado-Odo, HRH Oba Lateef Adeniran Akanni

Mixed reactions have trailed the return of the embattled Oba of Ado-odo, HRH Oba AbdulLateef Adeniran Akanni, the Olofin of Ado-Odo.

It will be recalled that the embattled Oba was sent packing from the ancient town following a fight that broke out between him and some aggrieved youths in the town. According to Nigerian Compass, “Trouble was said to have started for the traditional ruler when his Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) was flagged down by some people in the community and in the process of attending to the people, the unsuspecting monarch was dragged out of his vehicle, beaten and stripped. His palace was burnt  and his wives, children, family members and servants fled the area apparently for fear of being attacked again”.

Though the incident may not be unconnected with the chieftaincy crisis in the town, another source attributed it to an alleged accident involving the monarch a few years ago

Oba Akanni, according to the source, allegedly failed to visit a victim when the accident occurred, a development which reportedly infuriated some community youths who plotted the attack. The Oba has since deserted the town but has not stop attending functions that has to do with the throne and the town.

In a recent article published by a renowned Professor in Ado Odo, Professor Olusegun Idowu, he sued for peace and urged aggrieved youths and indigenes of the town to sheathe their swords, bury the hatchets and embrace the monarch in that they needed his presence for progress in the town.

Reactions have since trailed the article as indigenes of the town, both at home and in diaspora seemed to be on the same page with the Professor, but according to one of the commentators, William Agboola Bamgbose, he is opposed to the return of the monarch, citing that his reign has rained more terror to the community than the much needed peace. In his words, “The good people of Ado-Odo are not anti-government. We are neither militants nor terrorists, we are only against the reign of OBA LATEEF AKANNI ADENIRAN because of his brutalized, bastardized and highly incompetence rulership style.
It is obvious that before the Oba was installed as The OLOFIN ADIMULA OF ADO-ODO Kingdom on May 9th , 2009. The horrible incident that befell the Ancient Town on February 19th, 2009 will forever remain indelible in the mind of the good people of the town for the blood shed the town witnessed which is one of those things that are forbidden by the ancestors of the town. The entire Kingdom was turned upside down, tribulations everywhere! Two teams of Mobile Policemen with their Armoured Tanks were invited by the Oba and his micro minority supporters, they shot sporadically at the people. So many lives were lost, properties were destroyed, many children turned to orphans, many women turned to widows. People were running helter skelter in order to have their lives saved, some people went on exile. It was a replica reign of Pharaoh (a biblical King of Egypt) in Ado-Odo.
Since OBA LATEEF AKANNI ADENIRAN’s assumption of office as OBA of Ado-Odo Kingdom, we thought he will initiate a move to reconcile with the community after his installation, though his emergence was/is not accepted by 90% of the community and there was nothing anybody could do then since he emerged through the apex Court in Nigeria. He has grossly violated the norms, values, customs and traditional rites of the great Kingdom. The OBA and his cohorts think it is only through the violence that they can achieve their aims and objectives. He masterminded the arrest of so many people who were detained at The Nigeria Police Headquarters, Eleweran Abeokuta before been bounded at ILARO, OBA and IBARA PRISONS for no other reason than opposing his rulership style. Some cases are still pending at Ado-Odo Magistrate Court till today. He also masterminded assassination attempt on some people but that of Imam Abdul Waheed Awwal and Mr Wasiu Rufai was foiled with the case at the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad FSARS at Lagos”.

Another concerned indigene, Asiwaju Dosunmu Akeem Sadona who commented attributed the shenanigan to generational curse, Can a dog sees a masquerade and avoid barking? I doubt that! This is becoming a generational curse on the ancient town. The reigns of Oba Arola, Oba Amilu and that of Oba Akapo were similar to what we are witnessing now. Thus, leaving this curse unsolved will still be a burden on generations to come.  Oba Abdul Lateef is neither the town’s problem nor we his subjects but the problem had been from time immemorial. We all need to have ourselves blamed for promoting this generational curse in our time. I think it’s high time we need God’s intervention since we have no place to call our own except Ado Odo.”

A source, who spoke with VOA news quoted the monarch as saying that he would like to return to his home town in that he has the interest of his people and community at heart and he would like them to embrace peace, assuring that he has taken a lesson or two from the heartrending event.



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