Mixed Reactions Trail IBB’s Comment On Corruption

Mixed Reactions Trail IBB’s Comment On Corruption

Mixed reactions have continued to trail the ARISE TV interview granted by the former Military President General Ibrahim Babangida where he said, among other issues that his administration fought corruption more than the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

IBB recalled sacking a governor for embezzling N313,000 but said today many people who stole billions are still walking freely in the country.

His comment has attracted mixed reaction in the polity.

While some Nigerians disagreed with his comment, others agreed with him, saying all indices point to corruption escalating in Nigeria.

For instance, one commentator accused IBB of institutionalizing corruption in Nigeria.

“For the records, IBB legitimized corruption in Nigeria,” says Tunde Ayankoya while reacting on Twitter.

Another Twitter user, Chris Ngonadi said, “When he is not locked up, why will he also not run his mouth. I don’t blame him for being garrulous.”

But those who supported IBB’s claim believe he might be right after all.

Besides, they said apart from corruption, the Buhari’s government is also tainted by worsening terrorism.

A responder by the name Danielmechi said, “There was no terrorism under IBB and competent persons were hired to run the affairs of the state. Nepotism was equally less then.”



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