‘My Basic Education At Ota Gave Me An Edge’, Ahmadu Bello University Overall Best Graduating Student, Kayode Ibrahim Awofe

‘My Basic Education At Ota Gave Me An Edge’, Ahmadu Bello University Overall Best Graduating Student, Kayode Ibrahim Awofe

The overall best graduating student of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in the 2015/2016 academic session, Kayode Ibrahim Awofe in an explicit interview with Voice of Awori reiterated his achievement having graduated with the cumulative grade point of 4.9 to the quality education which he got from Ota.


Can we meet you?

I am Kayode Ibrahim Awofe, from Ogun, I was born in Ota. My father is from Akinbiye in Ewekoro while mother is from Idobi in Adatan. I spent all my life in Ota, where I attended the former Radiant International Nursery and Primary School in Sango Ota. Got double promotion to my Secondary school at Ansar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive College Ota and finished 2006/2007. While I struggled to get admission, I joined NDL in 2008 and worked till I got my diploma admission at Ahmadu Bello University in 2011. I Major in Insurance and graduated the Best Diploma student in Insurance with a grade point of 75.79%. Upon graduation from my diploma program, I rewrote JAMB and got admitted in 2012 to study Business Administration. My excellent academic record was pronounced with an award in my 100level as the brainbox of my department with CGPA 5.00. I then proceeded and concluded my 200level with 5.00, I won award too. My 300level I dropped to 4.87 and won 3rd prize NDIC scholarship with Brain Box. And my final year, I rewrote 5.00 for the two semesters and won two awards; Brain Box and Best in Banking and Finance. I finally graduated with CGPA 4.90 for 2015/2016 academic session. On our convocation day, I realized i was the best in the faculty of administration. I was given a laptop and bag with a certificate to that effect and was also the Best Graduating Student.


How do you feel, being the best graduating student of ABU Zaria?

First I commend Allah with a feeling of ecstasy despite all the agony.

My feeling will not be exhaustive if I don’t commend my mum who has been my pillar of success. Vividly I always recount her word which has kept me going to attain this feat. She said ‘life can be more difficult when you realize that everything you call life was made by man’, she explained further and told me, son, you can change it, influence and/or control it. This was basically my drive. So, I thank God, my mum, my siblings, my father in the Lord, my academic adjudicator, friends and well-wishers with enthusiasm.


What were your immediate challenges during your days as an undergraduate?

I faced quite lots of challenges amongst were;

First among all was coping with a new environment without my usual Yoruba settings.

Another challenge is the finance aspect which I’d already mapped out in my personal development.

Thirdly, being the class representative, I was served a letter of impeachment in my second semester 200level but thank God I maintained my position after God’s intervention.
Another challenges was when my course mate wrote to the department that I saw a course before the exam (BUAD 303 Introduction to research), and was subsequently interviewed by a panel. Thank God for making Malam Ibrahim Mohammed an instrument to vindicate me.


Would you attribute your success to the access to quality education which you got from Ota?

Indeed, the premise to this was my basic education in Ota. To recall, my basic school was where individuality was emphasized with encouragement. My secondary education was a broader picture of this; we learnt independence among all odds with qualitative teaching. Thanks to the then principal, Mr Adepegba for his tool and style of leadership.

So, upon your graduation, what do you intend to do?
I do hope to be an Equity/Investment Analyst, Risk Hedgers or Advisor and the later part of my career to serve humanity. To attain this based on your question in meantime, I want to engage myself with an Internship in line with my aforementioned career before NYSC; engage in volunteering and humanitarian services, and subsequently further my study.


Is there any call you want to make to well-meaning Awori sons and daughters who are in position of authority to assist in making your dream a reality?

I do hope and prayed for assistance; and, it will be pleasing and satisfying to see my people come to my aid and make my dream a reality.


Perhaps, a word of advice to younger ones who are also aiming to achieve this same feat as yours

Yeah, to God be the glory. I implore younger ones to seek God first and know that for as much as we breathe, anything is possible. In this wise, they should appreciate their book; persevere enough and be patient for success, and remember that hard work pays.

Kayode Awofe Ibrahim can be reached via his blog: http://kayodeibrahim.blogspot.com



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  1. Am so happy that I met dis guru called Ibrahim awofe during my lifetime, u really impacted positively into My life b4 graduating from the great ahmadu bello university.. …am wishing u well into ur journey to the saviour market

  2. A genius I call him. A comrade in politics ND an academic guru. I thank God for sustaining all of us to attain ND witness this success today. I bless almighty God for your life. More grace brother.

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