”My Landlord’s Wife Is Tempting Me”-Man Says

I moved into this nice apartment a year ago while the business I was doing was booming. Things were moving very fine and I am single because I have not had time for ladies for years now. 

The landlord and his family have their own separate building inside the same compound and the landlord is someone who works with an offshore company so he is usually away for quite a while. 

The kids are in secondary school so most times the landlords wife is usually alone and runs a mini supermarket in front of the compound. Being that my business has really gone very slow and money isnt flowing like before, I hardly go out and just try to do some online freelance jobs while am still hoping on starting another business. Because of this the landlords wife have been really pressuring me for sex and I keep finding excuses to avoid it. My rent is due very soon and she knows am sort of broke because I owe some credit in her shop and she has secretly started telling me that she will make sure I am removed from the house if I don’t agree to her request. 

This is very sad because I love the house and the husband is a very nice man. Their kids are also very fund of me like I am their elder brother. Even if I have to move out I don’t even have the money right now and the problem is that it was the lady who gave me the house being that her husband wasn’t around then and he comes from time to time. 

I am so very confused that I had to come here to see if I could get any good advice from good people here.


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