“Na Their Cane Go Tire” UNICEF Should Adopt Girl Who Was Sent Home For Fees As Ambassador For Education

Yesterday, the video of a smart little girl bitterly expressing her anger after the management of her school sent her home over her parent’s inability to promptly pay her school fees, surfaced online.

A girl of about 6 years old was filmed ranting after she was chased from school for not paying school fees.

The girl was stopped on the road and asked why she wasn’t in school and she revealed she was chased out for not paying school fees. She then launched into a rant about how her school should have flogged her and let her stay in school, rather than chase her home.

She pointed out that it’s not as if she wouldn’t pay the fees eventually. She would have preferred being flogged to being sent away from school.

The girl concluded her rant by saying that since the school thinks they are stubborn, she will show them she’s way more stubborn.

While many people applauded the girl for her boldness and wittiness in expressing herself as well as her sheer display of determination to get educated.

VOA News Editor, Oyetoro Oluwaseyi having watched the video, raised the following recommendations for the ministry of Education.

“As a matter of immediate effect, the Minister for Education should invite the parent alongside the principal of the school as regards taking up her schooling fully because of her resilience and sheer determination in wanting to defile all odds in order to remain in school.”

Mr. Oyetoro also recommended that the girl, apart from being given a scholarship, she should be made ambassador of Education by UNICEF.

He also condemned the incessant sending home of school children by their schools management, citing that it is a criminal act for not allowing innocent children have access to education. He also charged the government to subsidize the rate of school fees in private schools and also make education free and compulsory to at least, High school.

One thought on ““Na Their Cane Go Tire” UNICEF Should Adopt Girl Who Was Sent Home For Fees As Ambassador For Education

  • March 17, 2019 at 6:02 am

    Aworri can you kindly help me find the contact of the parents of this sharp little , I need to give her a helping hand. I wish to pay for her education to the glory of Jehovah God. Thank you for publishing it.


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