Nigeria At 59th: Olota Of Ota Expresses Confidence In A Better Nigeria

Nigeria At 59th: Olota Of Ota Expresses Confidence In A Better Nigeria

By: Ogwu Glory

The Olota of Ota, Oba (Prof.) Abdulkabir Adeyemi Obalanlege has on Monday, expressed confidence on the future Nigerian economy as the Nation celebrates its 59th independence.

In a chat with VOA News correspondent on the occasion of Nigeria’s 59th independent day celebration, Olota frowned at the alarming rate of poverty, unemployment, infrastructural deficit, and how people find it difficult to comfortably put food on their table.

He urged Nigerians not to give up, but they should put Nigeria first in their dealings, adding that transforming the country and upholding Nigeria’s integrity is a responsibility of all, especially, the traditional rulers.

”Nigerians should be patient with the government and also team up with it to bring about positive change that would ensure progress and development in the country. Nigeria’s progress is a collective responsibility, most especially, the traditional class.”

On the dwindling economic fortunes of Nigeria and its citizens, he urged people to not live above their means and they should be prudent in their financial spending.

On the role which the traditional rulers has to play in the Nation’s building, especially when Nigeria turns 59, Oba Adeyemi said that traditional rulers has to continue playing advisory roles to the government as they can not actively partake in politics, but they are God ordained to lead both the government and the governed right. He however, appealed to the government to do everything possible as to ensure that people’s well being are well taken care of.

While speaking on the willingness of Nigerians to partake in independence anniversary, he said, ‘People no longer celebrate independence because it has done nothing for them, its better for the colonial masters to be ruling us. People are getting poorer.We haven’t seen that dividend of democracy, so government should act fast on it.

He prayed that the government of President Muhammad Buhari succeeds in order to meet up with his campaign promises as not to further dash the hope of Nigerians from believing in democracy.

Olota advised youths in Nigeria to be courageous, hardworking and be independent. Moreso, they should focus on what they will do for their country as again what their country will do for them.



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