Odu-Ifa, Bible Verse And Quran Aya

By: Abdulrazaq O Hamzat

There has been disparities between which religion is truly most approved by God and which one should mankind practice, but a non-biased look at all the religions would make one believe that there are more similarities between the three most popular religions. Read below what a guest writer opined about verses from the three holy books.

“Recently, in the course of research about history, I came in contact with a book on Ifa corpus.

I took interest in it because, I have heard many times that in Ifa, exists history of many towns and people and i really wanted to know how true this is. So, I took a copy of this Ifa book to read.

Surprisingly, in the chapter one of the book, titled ‘eji ogbe’, a story, closely related to that which was narrated by the Quran and Bible was contained in it.

If you remember, the Quran and Bible told a story about the miraculous birth of a child called Jesus or Isa. 

In both narratives, they said a virgin lady named Marry or Mariam (as the case may be), that is not married conceived the child without ever being with any man. 

Bible said Marry conceived Jesus through holy spirit and the Quran said Mariam conceived Isa through what Islamic Scholars described as “kun fa ya kun”.

I have just found out that similar story was narrated in an Odu Ifa called eji ogbe.

Ifa called the woman Oyigi and the child, ela.

According to the story, oyigi is unmarried and a revelation from Ifa came to her that she will give birth to a miraculous child, a child that will be God’s messenger.

Soon, she got pregnant as prophesied without meeting any man, went into the bush and eventually gave birth to the child she named ela.

The child, according to the story, became the most knowledgeable about Ifa and when Orunmila is returning to heaven or Eledumare, he entrusted spiritual knowledge of Ifa to ela and asked all Ifa messengers to refer to ela when they have any question.

Could this Ifa story, be said to be similar to that of the Quran and bible?

Our guest writer asks..

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