Oloko Community Ramadan Lecture: Alhaji AbdulLateef Ademoye (Oniwasi Agbaye) Prepares People’s Mind As This Year’s Ramadan Lecture Winds Down

The 2018 annual Ramadan lecture of Oloko community, Ota has come and gone, but the lesson therein will remain in the heart of the community members, Ota indigenes and indeed the entire Nation at large. This year’s lecture was held at Oloko community with dignitaries in and around the Ota in attendance. The Akogun of Oruba, Ota, HRH Oba Abdulwadud Ajani Dehinde, Baale of Sango, Ota, Chief Wasiu Akilo, Alhaji Abdulateef Ademoye (Oniwasi Agbaye), Alhaji Kamorudeen Aiyeloyun, among several others were those that graced this year’s lecture.

While delivering his lecture, Alhaji AbdulLateef Ademoye, the Oniwasi Agbaye charged the people to take cognizance of their utterances which can hurt someone else’s personality and which could also damage their hard earned integrity. He charged the people to seek knowledge because it was the only attribute that could make them thrive in their endeavors. He further advised Muslims to have the fear of God even as the Ramadan raps up.

In an interview with VOA News correspondent, HRH Oba AbdulWadud Ajani Dehinde, the Oloruba of Oruba, Ota, he said the lessons learnt from the lecture was good enough to sustain anyone who is willing to do the bidding of Almighty Allah. He charged the people to always come to one another’s aides in that it was the only lesson Ramadan taught.

During a chat with Baale of Sango Ota, Chief AbdulWasiu Olawale Akilo, he said the lecture has taught him to always believe in God and to guide his utterances jealously. He enjoined Muslims not to relent in the good characters they have demonstrated during the Ramadan period.

In another chat with the Saraki Adini of Oloko, Chief Jamiu Bankole, he said the main aim of the Ramadan lecture was to bring development to the society and Islam at large. He said the Oloko annual Ramadan lecture has been in existence for over six years.

A popular Islamic singer, Alhaji Qamorudeen Aiyeloyun thrilled the guests with his melodious but inspiring kind of music.

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