Olota Stool: A Time Out With Prince Adeniyi OlaIge-Fadina, Candidate For The Stool Of Olota Of Ota

Olota Stool: A Time Out With Prince Adeniyi OlaIge-Fadina, Candidate For The Stool Of Olota Of Ota

Prince Adeniyi OlaIge-Fadina is the MD/CEO of PEKTEJ projects limited. He is an Agricultural and Mechanical Engineer who hails from the Ijemo-Isoloshi ruling house in Ota. Sit back and relax while we take you through the life of Prince Adeniyi and his plans for the people of Ota when he assumes the position of his fore-fathers.

Can we meet you?

My name is Omoba Adeniyi Akinnola Omolayo OlaIge-Fadina.  Adeniyi is from Ijemo compound; Ijemo-Isoloshi ruling house. Adeniyi is the great grandson of Adebowale. I started my educational in Ijamido Nursery/Primary school, Ota, then I later moved to Vetland School, Agege. I had my Secondary education at Ijebu-Ode Grammar School and my First degree in Agriculture and Mechanical Engineering from Federal College of Agriculture, Akure in Ondo State. I had my professional Certification from Harvard on Risks and Project Management. I went further to having my second and third degrees respectively in Humanity related courses whereby I studied Christian Religious Studies and Human Resources for my third degree from Light of Truth Theological and Evangelical College which is an arm of H.W Armstrong University, in the United States.

Adeniyi is the MD/CEO of PEKTEJ project limited which is mainly a Construction company that has its primary proprietor with PEKTEJ Ventures which was incorporated in 2007 by Corporate Affairs Commission, while PEKTEJ PROJECTS LTD was incorporated in 2013. We are known and registered with the Federal ministry of works and some State Governments, viz;  Ogun, Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi State Governments.

The company is equally known by Akwa-Ibom State very well because the largest project I ever supervised was in the state which amounted to N1.7bn with Akwa-Ibom State University at Ikot-Akpaden with Morden Morgy as the Main contractor. PEKTEJ project has professionals as staffs in different fields of engineering, this includes; Council of Registered Engineers (COREN), Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN), NIQS, NIA, e.t.c. I have two wives and a child; the names of my wives are; Olori Oyin Rita OlaIge-Fadina and Olori Ajoke Oluwaseun OlaIge-Fadina respectively. The name of my child is Louis Adedamola, OlaIge-Fadina.


What do you do at your leisure?

I enjoy counseling people, I am an Orator, I equally enjoy singing, especially worship songs and enjoys being in the midst of friends. I love playing snooker and football during my free time.


Our late monarch, Oba Moshood Alani Oyede of blessed memory, left a wide vacuum which can only be filled by yet another big fish in our community,now that you have put yourself forward as a candidate for the vacant stool, What should Ota people expect from you?

I am coming with a blue print that will mainly focus on education, job creation, empowerment through Small medium enterprise (SME), Agriculture and programs that will cater for the well being of the elderly people of Ota and its environs which will take the community to the next level.


Do you think Iganmode day celebration should be scrapped or repackaged?

Every nation has its festivals that serves as a tourist attraction based on the way it is being packaged hence, Iganmode day serves as one of those festivals which needs to be repackaged with other activities being incorporated in the celebration to make it worth while for people from far and near to come visit Ota as tourist centre due to the impact of the festival. It will however be extended from a day celebration to a week long celebration.


Upon your installation as the next Olota of Ota, how do you intend to reconcile religion, tradition and politics so that they all go without one affecting another?

As a traditional leader, interest of everyone should be my priority; hence I will be non partisan, and act based on fairness to deliver comfort to my people without bias to religion, tradition and politics. I am going to be a king for all and not for sentimental inclination.


Is there anything you are doing aside prayers to help you mount the stool of your forefathers?

You cant rule over those you do not know. Of course I am making consultations. Leadership is a call to service and I am consulting with elders, youths and other stakeholders. But that is not to say that I am desperate. Most importantly, I leave everything in God’s hands.



6 thoughts on “Olota Stool: A Time Out With Prince Adeniyi OlaIge-Fadina, Candidate For The Stool Of Olota Of Ota

  1. His name is not fadina but Niyi Ige .. his biological father is Ige …Please get your fact right. I will never object to anyone to come out but with true identity …I will never leave this name to bear my mother’s name in Ijebu mushin ….

    1. Thank you very much for the announcement,atleast he never removed his fathers name olaige,that was why the hyphen seperated olaige and fadina to show it is a compound name.And moreso we know him as a bonafide Prince from ijemo ruling house.keep the good work of hunting and spreading false information about him,GOD will reward you abundantly,femi oluwasina turned tunji fadina

      1. In a situation like this, one can not but must encounter such people like Mr Adetunji Femi. So, his comment is no big a deal. What ever God will do, that He will surely do, your opinion doesn’t count.

  2. Thank God for the last comment of Prince Tunji Fadina. He said “The truth shall prevail….” Thank God for your prophetic declaration. Adeniyi Akinola Olaige-Fadina is the “TRUTH” Aworis’ have been waiting for & as you have consciously or unconsciously declared, Adeniyi has prevailed.

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