Olota Stool: A Time Out with Prince Gbolaga Akinboyede, A Candidate for The Stool of Olota Of Ota

Olota Stool: A Time Out with Prince Gbolaga Akinboyede, A Candidate for The Stool of Olota Of Ota

Our guest today is Prince Akingbolaga Aremu Akinboyede, A USA based. President and CEO of Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corporation, Columbus, Ohio, USA. He is the first son of late Lawyer Abubakar Adio Akinboyede, the first lawyer in Ota. Please, allow VOA to take you through the lifestyle of Prince Gbolaga Akinboyede and his plans for the people of Ota and Awori land upon his ascension to the throne of his fore-fathers.

Can we meet you?

 My name is Akingbolaga Aremu Ibrahim Akinboyede.

First and foremost, I am one of the great, great grandchildren of the legendary Osolo who founded Ota town over 700 years ago. Osolo begat Onitibo, Onitibo begat Osho-Oku, Osho-Oku begat Olu-Ose, Olu-Ose begat Dada-Oke-Aike, Dada Oke-Aike begat Alhaji Usman Akinboyede (One of the first men who trekked to make pilgrimage to mecca in Ota), Usman Akinboyede begat Imam Sule Akinboyede, Imam Sule Akinboyede begat Lawyer Abubakar Adio Akinboyede my immediate father. I am presently living in the United States of America. You can view my detailed qualification itinerary herewith attached.

Educational Background:

Prince Gbolaga Aremu Akinboyede ‎was born in Ota, Ogun State on May 10, 1965 to Late Alhaji Abubakar Adio Akinboyede and Alhaja Suburat O. Akinboyede. Both parents are from Ota of Isoloshi and Igangbo compound respectively. He started his education at Ansar-Ud-Deen Practicing Primary School, Ota and Secondary education was completed at Abeokuta Grammar School, Abeokuta.

Thereafter, He proceeded to the Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State, where he obtained his National Diploma in Banking and Finance in 1989 and went to Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin for his Higher National Diploma also in Banking and Finance in 1992. Upon completion, he observed his one year mandatory National Youth Service Corps in Anambra State in 1993.

During his NYSC, Prince Gbolaga Akinboyede served in an Auditing Firm. Due to the experience he had gained while in College at Ilorin as he was opportune to have gained employment with the Firm of Olusola Adekanola & Co, an Ilorin based auditing firm and later continued to work for with the firm after completing his service in various states as assigned where the firm is located.

Prince Gbolaga Akinboyede and his wife Mrs. Sefinat O. Akinboyede decided to migrate to the United States of America in September, 1999. On getting to the States, He decided to explore a different career opportunity. He attended the Columbus State Community College, Columbus Ohio USA and The Central Ohio Technical College, Newark, Ohio USA with Degree in Nursing Technology in 2005 and received the State License to practice from State of Ohio Board of Nursing, USA in February, 2006.


Professional Experience:

He started his career early with an Accounting firm of Olusola Adekanola & Co, a company he served for about 9 years before migrating to USA in 1999. He then started a business “Lagasef Business Ventures” in 1995. A small business operating in general ventures including production of pure water with main distribution in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Getting to the USA, He worked with the United States Postal Service for a period spanning about five years as a mail clerk while attending college. Upon completion of his College education, he worked in various places at different capacities and in November, 2010, he spearheaded the startup of a Nursing Agency “Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corporation” resulting in a positive outcome from a single location to two with increase in revenue in the State of Ohio and which he has served as the President/CEO from inception to present.  He is accountable for the agency including overall customer satisfaction. Managed team of about 80 professionals (RN’s/LPN’s) and over 50 support staffs. Spearheaded cross-functional initiative to achieve the company’s objective.

Other Interest/Businesses include the following: President, B&S Properties Holding LLC; President, SGWAL Ventures LLC; President, Chief flips Estate LLC; President, Royal land Properties LLC; President, Home Deals Properties LLC; President, Lagasef Management Corporation; Partner, Score team, LP;  and Partner, High Point Estate, LP. These companies resulted from his growing desire and interest in Real- Estate.


What do you do at your leisure?

I am really a very busy person with positive attitude to life in general. I enjoy traveling, attending seminars, reading and meeting new people. I am most passionate about real estate i.e. buying and flipping starter homes and holding some for rental income. However, I do love to hang out with friends, staff and family when time permit.


Oba Moshood Alani Oyede of blessed memory left a wide vacuum which can only be filled by another big fish in our community, now that you have put yourself forward as a candidate for the vacant stool, what do we expect from you?


If I become the Olota of Ota, I will use the position of Olota to uplift the status of Ota town among the Aworis, Yoruba nations, Nigeria and the world as a whole.

I will work tirelessly to improve the Ota Community image and the unity of Awori people. I will encourage the preservation of our cultural and traditional heritage of which we are known for.

I will work in collaboration with the Ota Council of Chiefs to uplift the status of Ota Community by encouraging major investment opportunities to provide jobs for my people especially Awori youths.

Rural communities are the backbone of any nation or society; I will encourage agriculture in our rural areas.

Improve on the security of Ota and the environment.

I will work with government and private sectors to help improve on our old dilapidated school buildings in Ota and encourage more educational infrastructures as a strong public education is the key to preparing our children for the future.

I will ensure the provision of Modern Community Library is built.

Poverty – No one should ever have to grow up in poverty. Every Awori individual should be able to learn a skill and compete to succeed.


God’s willing, you become the next Olota of Ota, and how do you intend to reconcile culture, tradition, religion and politics so that they all go unperturbed?

As the Olota, I will partake in all the activities, give support and encourage tradition and religion etc., without any discrimination


What can you do to address the issue of unemployment among our teaming youths upon your installation as the next Olota of Ota?

The New Olota and the Olota Council of Chiefs will have a benefiting office as an outreach to carry out official duties. Youths will not be left out. Youths will be carried along and ensure that unemployment issue will be minimized during my tenor if I am chosen.


Do you think Ita-Oba day should be scrapped or repackaged?


I think we should get together and repackage the Ita-Oba Day Celebration to reflect a modern-day outlook.

Is there anything aside from prayer you are doing to help you mount the stool of your fore-fathers?

No. All I do is offer prayers to God. That if I get to the throne, for God to grant me more wisdom/knowledge and ability to do good for my people.



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