“Only Core Ota Indigenes Should Be Elected To Represent The Town In The 2019 General Elections”, Concerned Indigene Of Ota

“Only Core Ota Indigenes Should Be Elected To Represent The Town In The 2019 General Elections”, Concerned Indigene Of Ota

A concerned indigene of Ota have called for the election of a thorough bred indigenes of the town into the House of Assembly and Federal House of Representative  in the forth coming elections.

This was made known in a letter received by VOA News correspondent on the recent emergence of Hon. Fagbemi  as APC House of Assembly flag bearer for Ota State Constituency 1 and Hon. Mustapha Adekunle (Banana) as People’s Democratic Party flag bearer for Ota Federal Constituency respectively in the just concluded direct primary elections.

The letter read at par, ” haven’t followed up all the primaries of different political parties in Ogun State and the gradual collapse of realization of Yewa/Awori agenda for Governor; which we have all hoped that we will get right this time around, I feel it’s high time we woke up from our slumber and direct our focus towards producing a core Otta son/daughter for the two House of Assembly that concerns us and Federal House of Representatives. We all will agree that the Egba and Ijebu have always had their ways in making sure that the land that produced over 70% of the revenue of the state is always being treated with disdain and as minority that we are called. They end up using our people against us by throwing carrots to some hungry electorates in our land and consequently, they would be willing to sell the future of their children with a bowl of porridge”.

The letter suggested way out of the political misalignment and marginalization; part of which included; throwing their weights on true sons or daughters, regardless of any political party that they may decide to fly their kite through. He cited the recently concluded governorship election in Osun state where Senator Adeleke garnered maximum votes in Ede, though he eventually lost, but his constituents gave him a sense of belonging.

“What’s the way out? Our only way out is by supporting our own true sons/daughters for the federal and state house of assembly so that they can be held accountable and the lives of our people can be positively impacted.  Enough of Awori as a clan to be treated as slaves in their father’s land. Any politician that has not embarked on people oriented projects in the past should not be trusted”.

The letter suggested that Ota indigenes should stop to further put their weights behind aspirants or candidates whose their paternal address can not be traced to Ota or Awori land. “No Awori man can contest for a seat in Abeokuta or Ijebu; and as a result, no Egba or Ijebu man should be supported for any political as well as traditional positions in the town.

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