Open Letter To The Executive Governor Of Ogun State, Prince Dr. Dapo Abiodun

Open Letter To The Executive Governor Of Ogun State, Prince Dr. Dapo Abiodun

I am constrained to write you this letter cause I want the good for your administration.

Let me start by stating that I did not intend to achieve any cynical interest for making this public consumption, rather, I write in trepidation just like an average Ogun State indigene who want the betterment of this great state.
Dear Gov,I was impressed when glancing through your achievements so far since you assumed office. I have seen the way you’ve been trying to you improve every sectors, starting from, education, health, roads, Agriculture,and many more. I can see that you are not developing one at the expense of the other.Your achievements so far is quite commendable and convincing that you can do much more.

But it’s a popular say that, if we continue to do things the same way, same result is certain. For this reason, I want your administration to change Ogun State for better and beyond Abeokuta.

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Your Predecessor and the current Senator representing Ogun Central Senatorial District, Senator Ibikunle Amosun really tried his possible best but it’s a must for one to have flaws because we are imperfect. He tried his best in roads but the developmental centre was the state capital which is Abeokuta, that made people to call him Abeokuta Governor. He touched almost every local government but not like he did in Abeokuta, the state capital in which it’s not expected to be so.

As a leader, one is expected to touch every local government equally not developing one at the expense of one. Every good infrastructures is situated in Abeokuta, viz; good roads, government agencies, e.t.c. Why? Is it only Abeokuta that made Ogun State and is it the only local government that is stated in the Constitution to enjoy the dividends of democracy? If it’s not, then every nook and cranny of the state must be touched without sentiments.

We have uncompleted projects embarked by your predecessor, complete it. We have some uncompleted overhead bridges across the state, complete them so as to gain the accolades of transforming cause ‘he who finish is the best while he that didn’t is a planner. Don’t say, those projects belongs to the past so you went ahead to embark on your own. It can’t move the state forward as you want. Forget about who started them, since you were the one that finished them, then you owned the accolades.

Let me also state some roads your administration needs to touch for the people of the state to see that truly you wanna touch every angle of the state.

Say for instance, Oke Aro and Agbado Crossing. The current situation of these roads is very bad. I went there for a wedding recently and I was crying because the white Agbada I wore was stained beyond imagination and the traffic was huge. The people were complaining and their landlords have been trying their best in patching but it seem it’s not yielding any positive result and moreover they are not the ones expected to do it. These roads potholes were like canals that do cost many of their vehicles on a daily basis. I felt for this people and it’s like they have been marginalized.

Agbara roads where we have many industries. This road needs to be touched as well. This is the most popular worst road in Ogun State that needs to be attended to swiftly, for people to know you aren’t local government governor but a state leader.

Not only all these roads stated above, we have many roads that your administration needs to touch without delay. Our State is so dirty and I believe a leader like you can clean it.

For now, it’s an advise sir, leave Abeokuta, complete the littering uncompleted projects and make sure every roads in Ogun State is in good condition.

I really love your enviable achievements so far. With your starting,I believe your finishing would be good.

Happy 60th birthday and happy one year anniversary sir. May you continue to prove your Enemies wrong.

A concerned indigene, writer and Good Governance Advocate from the department of Mass Communication, Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, Ayoola Kehinde Abdulrafiu (Kenkid).


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