PDP Will Not Disappoint Nigerians ― Atiku

PDP Will Not Disappoint Nigerians ― Atiku

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has assured that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will not disappoint Nigerians if it returns to power at the centre.

The 2019 presidential candidate of the main opposition party has also praised the Board of Trustees (BoT) for providing necessary guidance to the party since the breakout of its recent leadership crisis.

The former Vice President made the assertions when he addressed a meeting of the BoT at PDP national secretariat in Abuja.

He expressed firm optimism that PDP will live up to the expectations of Nigerians because “they know us more than any other party and we provided the best governance since the return of democracy to this country.”

He said: “I believe Nigerians are not going to forget those good old days. Yesterday, our opponents were rejoicing that there is a crisis in PDP. Today, I don’t know what they will be doing. They will be crying because PDP has resolved its own crisis.

“I commend everyone for playing a role to ensure the amicable resolution of our internal crisis. Crises are normal- you have crises at home, in your department, your village and everywhere. It is normal.

“But what makes you different is the ability to resolve that crisis and we have proved to Nigerians that we have that ability to resolve our internal crisis.

“The crises facing the country- banditry, kidnapping, name it, we have the capacity to resolve those crises.”

Atiku commended the chairman of the BoT, Senator Walid Jibrin and other members for being very active in providing good leadership for the party so far.

He observed that the BoT has become the most active organ in providing leadership to the party.

He noted that since the PDP lost power in 2019 and became the leading opposition party, the BoT has been solidly piloting its affairs effectively.

Atiku stated: “I want to commend the BoT. Since we lost power, this BoT has become the most active organ in providing leadership to our great party.

“Because we have always had a president, who overshadowed the BoT, since the inception of the party, we didn’t see much of their (BoT’s) impact.

“Now that we are in opposition, we can now see the importance of the BoT.



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