Police Brutality: The Divisional Officer Of Ketu-Adie Owe Police Post, ASP Ajoba Lamidi Supervises Humiliation Of Ado-Odo/ Ota LG Transition Committee Secretary, KLM Over Face Mask

The Divisional Officer in charge of Ketu Adie-Owe Police post, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Ajoba Lamidi has allegedly spearheaded and supervised the public humiliation and assault of a current serving Ado-Odo/Ota local government transition committee Secretary, Hon. Kolawole Lamidi Muideen (KLM) over his refusal to wear facemask.

VOA News correspondent gathered that the transition committee Secretary, Hon. Kola Lamid, who slept over at Igbesa on Friday, 12th June owning to an official assignment which he carried out and could not return to his base in Ado same day, was leaving Igbesa to Ado-Odo on the morning of Saturday, 13th June, 2020 when he picked a bike from Lusada to Alapoti and was apprehended by men of Nigerian Police Force attached to Ketu Adie Owe Police post and were on lockdown duty around Crawford University, Lusada over ‘non refusal to put on his face mask’.

When asked by ASP Ajoba Lamidi, his reason for not using his nose mask, Hon. Kola said, ‘I have my nose mask in my pocket because I have been using it for long and needed to catch some fresh breathe, hence why I removed it’. ASP Ajoba, as gathered, thereafter, asked his men to impound the motorcycle and take it to the Police post.

Citing ‘he who comes to equity must come with clean hands’, Hon. Kola asked ASP Ajoba why he was not having his own nose mask too on and that of his men were not also also worn’, a statement which infuriated the ASP that ‘he landed a slap on Hon. Kola’.

Meanwhile, our correspondent further learnt that a woman, who who was nearby and recognized Hon. Kola; sensing the danger which may occur over the ensuing melee, started hailing him in order for ASP Ajoba to treat Hon. Kola as a government official.

The woman’s action, as gathered, enraged the ASP as he threatened to shoot the woman after cocking his gun.

Speaking to VOA News correspondent via a telephone interview, Hon. Kola said, “I was brutally beaten and dragged on the floor to the Police post with many threat statements such as, “I will deal with you”, Even if you are a government official, I will humiliate you”, while cocking his pistol at me”.

“It was in the cell that I managed to do a facebook live broadcast for well meaning Nigerians to come to my aide after I have been molested, man handled and brutally injured”.

See video here..

Meanwhile, ASP Ajoba was also alleged ‘to have slapped Hon. Kola’s brother when he visited the Police post in an attempt to rescue the situation’.

VOA News correspondent gathered that ASP Lamidi Ajoba, who is from the same Ado-Odo town as the transition committee Secretary may have a score to settle with Hon. Kola before the said incidence as it was learnt that the ASP had met Hon. Kola in an event which he anchored and the ASP attended. By implication, he can not deny not knowing the honourable prior to the incidence.

All attempts to get the Police Public Relations Officer in Ogun State, Abimbola Oyeyemi to speak on the matter proved abortive as our correspondent has not gotten a feedback from the message which was sent to his phone line as at press time.

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