Police, LASTMA Arrests A Bleeding Woman For Refusing To Use Seat Belt

Police, LASTMA Arrests A Bleeding Woman For Refusing To Use Seat Belt

Jude Eze, a Dubai-based businessman, has accused officials of the Police and the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LAWMA) of preventing him from taking his wife to the hospital during an arrest while she was bleeding.

On Friday, a combined team of the Police and LASTMA arrested Jude and his wife around Akowonjo area of Lagos for failing to use the seat belt.

A bleeding Sophia, Jude’s wife, could not use the seat belt because of the pains she was battling. According to PUNCH, the officials impounded her husband’s car despite seeing that she was sick and needing emergency medical attention.

While Jude was pleading with the officials to allow him take his wife to the hospital, a LASTMA official allegedly jumped into the car and drove him and his ailing wife away.

Olajide Oduyoye, the General Manager of LASTMA, had pledged that the agency would investigate the matter. He said Jude would be invited to identify the officials.

But Jude could not go to LASTMA office to fish out the accused officers when invited on Monday because his wife’s health was deteriorating. She had started bleeding again and had to be rushed to hospital.

“After I dropped my kids in school and came back home around 9am, I met my wife crying; she said she had started bleeding again, so I told her that it would be better to take her to a general hospital to see a specialist,” Jude said.

“I rushed her to the Igando General Hospital and the doctor examined her to see if there would be a need for an evacuation, but after examining her, he said there was no need for such and that she would bleed for a while before the blood would stop. He gave her some medication and gave her an appointment for next week.”

He added that the arrest and delay by the LASTMA officials compounded his wife’s condition. The doctor, he said, had even blamed him for not bringing her immediately he noticed she was bleeding.

“My wife almost died while she was with the LASTMA personnel,” he said. “I was called this morning to find out if I could come to their office to identify the officers, but I told them that I had to rush my wife to hospital.”



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